Xbox One login problems with Xbox Live down

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2014

It looks like the Titanfall party on Xbox One has come to a sudden halt at the moment, as many of you are suffering from Xbox One login problems. Many of you are telling us that you can’t sign into Xbox Live, with the entire Xbox Live service down and Microsoft already acknowledging that there’s a problem.

It’s never nice not being able to play a massive launch title on launch day, but that appears to have happened with Titanfall. Microsoft knew that there would be increased pressure on their servers with the console exclusive landing on Xbox Live, but still it looks like the Xbox Live servers have crumbled under pressure.

The good news at least is that Microsoft has wasted no time in saying that they are aware of the problems. Here is the official word from Microsoft at the time of writing:

“Unable to sign in to Xbox Live on Xbox One? We’re on the case to get this issue fixed as soon as possible!”

As you can imagine though, this has done little to change the mood on Twitter right now, with many gamers very angry that they cannot play Titanfall on launch day, a day that has been in the making for months.

Just to give you an idea of some of the reaction so far:

Those were just some of the ‘polite’ responses too – there’s a lot more Tweets of a fruitful nature online to read through. Hopefully Microsoft will be on top of the situation as soon as possible and everyone can get back to Titanfall.

Give us your reaction to Xbox Live going down on Titanfall launch day – which area are you in and how long have you been unable to connect? As a reminder, be sure to bookmark the Xbox Live server status so you know exactly when it will be back up.

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