Pokemon X and Y Honedge meets Man at Arms

We have a treat for Pokemon X and Y fans now, especially to those who are currently using Honedge as one of their favorite Pokemon. The infamous Man at Arms series is back and their latest project is none other than creating a real life replica of Honedge – it looks incredible.

Blacksmith Tony Swatton has made a lot of Pokemon fans happy by choosing Honedge as the next item for his growing collection of video game and media based weapons.

It’s no joke effort either. Watch the video below to see the exact process used to create the blade from scratch, as well as further fine tunings and design art carefully crafted to give it the perfect likeness to Honedge from Pokemon X and Y.

For the icing on the cake, we also see Honedge in action chopping up various objects just to give you an idea of how serious and professional this blade is and what it can cut through.

Honedge remains one of the most unique Pokemon to date, so it’s great to see the Pokemon enter a different medium of social media as with this Man at Arms creation – a YouTube series that has millions of viewers with each video.

Enjoy it below and let us know what you think of the final result – what weapon would you like to see created next for Man at Arms?



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