Petwalk pet door with Passive House certification

When viewing the many TV shows in which people build new houses, there seems to be a growing number of people who try to end up with a Passive House, and in doing so helps to reduce their bills significantly, while also have a much warmer house in the process.

It is surprising what things need to be taken into consideration, especially for those of you with pets. The reason being is that pet doors are notorious for not being very well insulated, and so would affect your chances of your house becoming Passive House certified.

Thankfully, the Petwalk pet doors are highly insulated and will open electronically, meaning your dog or cat does not need to push up against it in order for it to open. Once your pet passes through the door will seal itself shut meaning no draft is able to pass through, it’s this that allows the Petwalk pet door to come with its House certification.

What we like about this particular pet door is how it can be pre-programmed, meaning that you can allow your cat or dog to come and go as they please, or set a timer forcing them to stay out for longer intervals – well given the chance your dog would rather stay inside next to something throwing out lots of heat.

There is a lot more details on the Petwalk pet door, which you can read on the official website, but we do have one concern and that is the price, which is $2,000 or £1,300.



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