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iOS 7.1 battery life improves, errors for some

As we told you just hours ago, the iOS 7.1 update has just gone live on iPhone and iPad devices. The good news is that it looks like Apple has improved the performance of the software compared to iOS 7.0.5, but we do have reports of some iOS 7.1 errors happening whilst trying to download.

The big question that most consumers are looking for is whether iOS 7.1 is draining the battery quicker than on the previous update. So far, it looks like this isn’t the case as we’ve seen some positive feedback from those who are happy with the battery life on iOS 7.1 after installing.

One issue that has been reported by users though, is error messages whilst trying to update to iOS 7.1. Fortunately though it does appear to be affecting only a minimum amount of users though and isn’t thought to be a widespread problem with others having no issues with iOS 7.1 as of yet.

Here is some of the reaction so far to the iOS 7.1 update from social media, including some reports of the errors that are popping up.

In the worst case scenario, these errors are not doing any harm to devices so a simple reinstallation should suffice for the time being.

Let us know how your experience has been with iOS 7.1 so far. Have you noticed any problems with the update that you feel we should know about? Can you also confirm that your battery life seems much better than on iOS 7.0.5?



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