Avengers Alliance Season 2 Chapter 4 task list

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2014

If you needed a reason to start playing Marvel’s Avenger Alliance again, you’ll be pleased to hear that Season 2 Chapter 4 is now live. As most of you try to get your head around the new Augmented Iso-8 system, we already have a full Avengers Alliance Chapter 2 task list for you to work through.

Chapter 4 is the first in a series of big updates that are on the way to the game. Players will soon be able to enjoy a Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier themed spec ops with Falcon as the reward, while action will then shift to the galaxy with the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy characters that are already confirmed.

We hope you have a lot of energy reserves saved up though as it looks like you’ll need to do a lot of grinding in Chapter 4. New Heroic battles are out including Heroics for the likes of Emma Frost, Cyclops, Hawkeye, Black Panther and Mockingbird.

The popular Neurotrope item is also once again back on sale too for 64 gold in case you want to strengthen your team in the hope of winning Hogan in the current PVP 14 season.

For the task list though, you’ll find full information on that here, courtesy of MAALatino. Take a look at the tasks and let us know your initial reaction to Chapter 4.

Do you think Augmented Iso is a good idea, or a confusing one? Let us know what Augmented Iso you are planning to buy and equip.

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  • Tom

    The Heroic Battles are ridiculously difficult. Also, fighting PVP sucks because everyone just hacks or used Rescue/Omega Sentinel (spamming shields and healing, which is just impossible… one shield goes down, two more go up. 134 damage. Whoo). It’s not even fun.