Watch Dogs 2012 Vs 2014 graphics montage

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2014

We recently examined claims made by the gaming community on the fact that the Watch Dogs graphics have allegedly been downgraded, from the original game shown at E3 2012, to Ubisoft’s current build of the game which has re-emerged from the shadows and is headed for a final release this May.

Now, we have some additional material to show you now, giving you further examination and perhaps evidence that will help you to draw a line under this.

Since the claims began, Ubisoft has since come out and defended the claims, saying that it would be ‘ridiculous’ to even consider that the game has been downgraded since we last saw it.

While the debate continues on social media, we provide you with some new gameplay footage comparing Watch Dogs 2014 Vs 2012 builds. There is some differences there to be seen it has to be said, but at the end of the day there is still no question that the game is looking very promising at this point.

Watch the new video below and let us know what you have been making of all the anger direct towards Ubisoft. Do you think it is justified or not?

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  • Imotepe

    Some gamers are really strange , looks exactly the same for me since the first PS4 gameplay’s… I see no differences. Why peoples always need to find a subject to debate when it’s nothing to talk about. End of discussion. The game will still be one of the greatest of this year.

    • xp_kiler

      I 1000% agree with you thats why I park my ps4 in the closet with R-Kelly, now im playing Xbox 1 better online,better exclusive,multimedia,faster interface,leas buggy than ps4

      • Disapamok Kumaraya

        Another xbot …god get a pc damn it !!

        • xp_kiler

          I did get a pc and had to many bad experience why u tink I name myself xp_killer.i dont like stress anymore like your boot up time, graphic card not strong enought get a higher one,you need to install direct x,you dll file is missing etc..thats why I turn to console turn on and play.i dont look at graphics theres notmutch of a ddifference theses days,and its not that that makes a game play great.