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Sony MDR-ZX and MDR-EX headphones availability

Today has seen the unveiling of two new series of headphones from Sony, the MDR-EX and MDR-EX series. There are eleven new models in all, which consists of headband style and in-ear headphones and as you would imagine vary slightly for different needs and budgets.

One model that we feel needs to be singled out is the MDR-ZX750BN headphones because of the ability to connect to a Sony Xperia smartphone, or any other NFC smartphone, just by placing the headphones and device against each other.

Another of the models is the MDR-ZX610AP, which comes with some great features, such as 40mm neodymium driver, along with a choice of four colors.

If the headband style headphones are not for you, then we are sure you will find a pair of MDR-EX series in-ear headphones to your liking. The MDR-EX650AP sports a 12mm EX driver that offers superb audio quality, while being comfortable at the same time.

However, if you have a smaller budget and wish to upgrade those headphones that come bundled with the likes of your iPhone, then the MDR-EX110 and EX15 are both great choices.

You can see all eleven new Sony headphones models here, and while they have yet to announce a price, we can tell you that availability of the Sony MDR-ZX and MDR-EX headphones will begin in April.



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