Nintendo eShop downtime means Pokemon X & Y are offline today

Fans of Pokémon X & Y will have to wait patiently to play online as Nintendo eShop downtime will be required today for a maintenance period on their 3DS and Wii U stores. While this may be a common occurrence, Pokémon X & Y players have been warned that this title is to go offline for 14 hours.

The updates will take place during the hours of 20:00 – 00:00 UK / 12:00 – 16:00 PST today Monday 10th March, and CVG highlights an additional update coming this Thursday, 13th March to the UK from 17:00 to 07:00 PST.

Fourteen hours can be quite some time for Pokémon enthusiasts as this period means Pokémon X & Y will be unavailable including the rankings and offline play.

In other Pokémon news, last week we discussed PowerSave cheats for the 3DS, which now supports the game giving players the opportunity to get shiny Xerneas and more into the game. As hacking seems to be common place within Pokémon regardless of what Nintendo and Game Freak feel, the use of Power Saves allows players to trade the likes of Mega Latios and Latias.

Returning to the original topic, will you be getting Pokémon withdrawal symptoms with the servers down?



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