iOS 7.1 vs. iOS 7 keyboard changes

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 10, 2014

We have taken a quick look at iOS 7.1 vs. iOS 7 changes after reporting the update went live today, but one subtle difference we can see is with the iOS 7.1 keyboard that now seems a lot brighter on our iPad mini. We cannot confirm if this is the same on iPhone 5S, 5C, and other models but there’s certainly a change to the iPad keyboard.

Luckily, we just took a screenshot of our iPad mini keyboard within iOS 7 and then again after installing the iOS 7.1 software. You can see both the screenshots without us making any changes other than adding a label for what version of iOS they were taken in.

This screenshot reveals the duller looking keyboard we all know and have been using for weeks, then below that you will see the new iOS 7.1 keyboard with a change to brightness and a few other differences like font weight.



Do you like the new keyboard after installing the iOS 7.1 software update? It is brighter, but do you like it more?

Personally, I think the new iOS 7.1 keyboard looks clean but it is very bright in comparison. We also notice a speed improvement with the iPhone 5S after only using it for a few minutes, so we’d need more time to see if this lasts.

It is worth noting that the differences between keyboards are far clearer on the iPhone/iPad screens and not as clear after uploading to this page, but trust us when we say there’s certainly a big brightness difference.

What changes do you notice with iOS 7.1 vs. iOS 7? You can see the release notes via our earlier article.

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  • keenan

    The stroke weight really threw me off, I thought I was having vision problems and had to research it to prove it had actually changed. thanks!

  • Steve J

    Really, really hate it. I wish I couls have the original one back or white letters on a black background. When caps lock is activated I’d like the whole key to change color so I can see it! Now, it’s so confusing. Actually Apple should give us an option to keep what we already have or the new style. In other an OPTION. How hard could that be?
    It’s getting to the point that I don’t want to download any upgrades anymore. Hated what they did to the bookshelf too. They said it was a “beautiful new design”! Hah! It’s just another plain WHITE background. If I’m lucky Mri I will run out of white paint at some point. And soon please!

  • Chalkjog

    I dislike this new keyboard immensely, it disturbes my eyes and annoys me. I much preferred the older keyboard, I do not need my letters to scream at me. Ugh they give me eye strain!

    • keenan


  • Angel K.

    Ugh this new keyboard update looks so dated I hate it. It looked so nicely designed before!! Why did they change the font to be bolder, how do we petition for them to change it back? lol this is a bummer.

  • annie

    The lower contrast in 7.1 makes the keys vibrate for me – very annoying!

  • jay

    the font on the keyboard is now bolder which looks dated. iOs7 is very modern and the thinner keyboard prior to 7.1 was better fitting with iOs7

    • Angel K.

      I agree with you so much. It’s lame but I’m kinda bummed lol I switched from android and loved everything about my 5s, why are they raining on the awesomeness :/

  • Yuusaku Godai

    I hate the new iOS 7.1 keyboard. That font is horrible.

    • type nerd

      “That Font” ? You mean, Helvetica. The worlds most perfect font.
      LOL. You dolt.

      • Yuusaku Godai

        As you can see at the images on the top, iOS 7.1 Helvetica is bolder than iOS 7.0. When I see the new keyboard I feel like I was missing something. It’s if it had lost quality. I prefer iOS 6 or iOS 7 keyboard.

        And I disagree, I think Segoe UI, size 8, is more readable than Helvetica. Also, Helvetica (Light) it’s too thin for some screens (no retina) and it occupies a lot of space (for example in this comment).

        Thanks for your comment! 😀