Ford Kuga Titanium X Sport showroom price and availability

With the new Ford Kuga Titanium X Sport hitting showrooms we are intrigued to know how much these compact SUVs will be going for. It seems a high demand for the previous Titanium and Titanium X models has accumulated in plenty of fans of this car, so we expect a decent reception for the Kuga Titanium X Sport.

The Ford Kuga Titanium X Sport is expected to retail for around £28,595, which could be of interest to some buyers, especially considering about 80% of consumers moved up to the Titanium or Titanium X when upgrading their current Kuga.

In an article on Auto Express they highlight how the Titanium X Sport is an extra £2,950 over the standard Titanium and £200 more than a Titanium X Kuga. With leather upholstery, a panoramic roof and heated front seats all coming as standard, the Sport has 19-inch alloys, sat-nav, a rear view camera, self-parking features and rear tinted windows all wrapped up in a sporty body kit.

Ford Kuga Titanium X Sport showroom price and avialabilty

Choices available include the 1.6-litre EcoBoost petrol or the 2.0-litre TDCi diesel, although lower-powered variants of each engine will be front-wheel drive models and more powerful units are all-wheel drive. What do you think of the new Ford Kuga Titanium X Sport? Will you be looking at this as a possible upgrade?



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