Eto’o celebration desired on FIFA 15

By now most would have seen the Samuel Eto’o celebration during the Chelsea FC Vs Tottenham Hotspur match a few days ago. A lot has been made about the celebration on social media following the match, notably the huge desire for this celebration to be featured on FIFA 15.

We doubt that EA would find time to put the celebration into FIFA 14 with the Premier League season coming to a climax, but we do agree that it should definitely make it into FIFA 15.

Fans are loving the celebration it seems and it will be great if FIFA fans around the world can join in and perform an ‘Eto’o’ in front of their friends after scoring – since after all, age is just a number!

Even Jose Mourinho saw the funny side of it too after the recent headlines so we hope EA is paying attention to the positive momentum this has generated towards FIFA – it’s a win win situation.

Just look at what some of you have been saying about putting Samuel Eto’o’s celebration into FIFA 15:

We’ve even captured the moment on Vine for you to enjoy back again if you are wondering what the fuss is about. Some are even calling this the best goal celebration ever, but we think Paul Gascoigne’s from Euro 96 is arguably the best.

Have your say now, would you put your support behind this as a new FIFA 15 celebration? Let your voice be heard below and hope that EA sees it.



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