Dark Souls 2 PS3 Vs Xbox 360 graphics

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2014

It really is an exciting time for gamers at the moment, regardless of what console you are playing on. Titanfall is on the way this week, while PS3 and Xbox 360 owners have been kept happy with the huge Dark Souls 2 release.

Considering the massive success of the first game, gamers are expecting big things from From Software to deliver an even better game with Dark Souls 2. It’s a tall order to follow, but early feedback from the release suggests that Dark Souls 2 could go on to be another winner.

Unsurprisingly though, the discussion elsewhere has once again turned to the differences between the two versions and what the overall verdict is on Dark Souls 2 PS3 Vs Xbox 360 graphics.

We are still waiting for conclusive Dark Souls 2 PS3 Vs Xbox 360 gameplay to bring you, but we do have the very next best thing – comparison screenshots from direct feed gameplay from both versions.

The guys over at Gearnuke have provided the images, but they’ve also made some very interesting comments by saying that from their opinion, it looks like the Xbox 360 version has a much more stable frame rate compared to PS3 – both versions are running at 720p native.

Can you spot any differences with the Xbox 360 version?

Can you spot any differences with the Xbox 360 version?

On the other hand, they also state that this advantage comes at a cost at the same time – Dark Souls 2 screen tearing on Xbox 360, which we’ve also seen highlighted with other games on Microsoft’s system.

We have included some of the screenshot comparisons for you to take a look at here (PS3 directly above, Xbox 360 below), but you can find the whole collection in the link.

Have a look at the graphics comparison and let us know what you think. Is screen-tearing on Xbox 360 ultimately a problem for you, or do you think a more stable frame is beneficial on this occasion?

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  • personaly i realy dont care about the technical side of graphics rather the design is what engages me in the game. and more importantly i would like to know how is the population between the two consoles. how frequently do you summon or get invaded? Anyone knows? (i hope they are the same )

  • Tony

    I just started playing last night on my Xbox 360 and have not seen any screen tearing. I did install the game to my HDD

  • Jock_Nerd

    All this talk about graphics… really not that important when they look near identical. Framerate and performance is much more important.

  • Rivera

    Dark Souls 2: PC>PS3>Xbox 360. Nuff said

    • nztdm

      I think PC>Xbox360>PS3 is what this article suggests.
      Stable frame rate is better. Stutters are far more intrusive than tearing.

  • Gemelos1208

    My friend has that type of problem. So he’ll get the PC version while for me, the PS3 version. I don’t mind about the framerate though. Is not much annoying than screen tearing. Besides, it’s a JRPG. If it was western rpg, then it will be better on the Xbox than the PS3(Oh yeah, the screenshots from both consoles looks the same, except the character from the PS3 version looks badass). I’ll wait until they release Demon’s Souls 2 or King’s Field 5 for the PS4. Totally psych to get this game.

    • DarkSoulsGamer

      So do I, bro, so do I(Dark Souls 2 graphics looks like Dark Souls+Dragon’s Dogma).

    • SKYN3T

      Yes! A new Kings Field would be amazing.
      Though the guys who made Demon/Dark Souls said that these games, are the successor to Kings Field in a way.
      I absolutely loved Kings Field 1 and 2 on the PSone, though I never got around the other releases.
      Including the original Kings Field on PSone that was in Japan only. (And from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look remotely as good as the release we got here in the states for Kings Field 1)

      That and they recently said that it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a Demons Souls 2, seeing that Dark Souls was it’s spiritual successor.
      (And in a sense, a sequel in every way but the story line, which can technically be said for Dark Souls 2, though there are things from the first Dark Souls in it).

  • Heroman

    I doubt screen tear is frequent unless you have an almost not existent 30hz emition of video from the software.

    • Gemelos1208

      I have no idea what you said, sir(except the “frequent” word).

      • javsav

        Do some research on “vsync”. I don’t know why they would have chosen to use it on the ps3, screen tearing is extremely rare