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Spritz app aids reading difficulties

Are you willing to switch to a Spritz reading app once the text streaming technology is fully integrated into the market? We’ve told you about the Spritz iPhone demand so far, but now we want to talk about the potential benefits that Spritz can bring to those with reading difficulties.

Everyone is talking about how Spritz can make you read faster, but what about Spritz actually being able to help those with reading difficulties, read better?

Spritz’s text streaming technology is now starting to become a very popular talking point among interested consumers and now we believe that the service could also be very influential in helping those who would usually have problems reading in the traditional manner.

If you are someone who suffers from eye muscle coordination problems, we invite you to take the ‘Spritz test’ once again in our previous article here. See how you get on with reading the Spritz text – now of course with the added benefit of not having to track so many words with your eyes at once and more importantly – having your eyes on a fixed location as well.

Spritz running at 500 words per minute

Spritz could actually serve as a professional service to firstly help those with reading difficulties read the content they want with less stress and secondly – help to strengthen the eyes as a general incentive as well.

If you suffer from reading difficulties and want to read into the more technical side of how Spritz works, you should definitely visit The Science over at Spritz’s website to get a better idea.

Let us know what you think about Spritz reading so far and whether you agree that it could be a great new tool for those with reading difficulties.



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