South Park: Stick of Truth plea for sequel, PS4 port

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 9, 2014

While the South Park: Stick of Truth reviews brought mixed ratings, it is clear enough of those that played the game want a sequel and even PS4 owners have a desire to see at least a port in the future. Some gamers kept their last-generation consoles, although a lot sold them and missed out on the likes of GTA V and new titles like South Park: Stick of Truth.

If you don’t know much about this game, then you should take a look at the first video below that delivers a detailed South Park: Stick of Truth review over 25 minutes. If you don’t mind spoiling the game a little, then you can see a full walkthrough of South Park: Stick of Truth in the second video that contains a playlist featuring 12 videos.

The walkthrough can also be used if you only want to see how the game starts, rather than spoil the whole game, although don’t watch if you are keeping away from the finer details in the hope of South Park: Stick of Truth getting a PS4 port at some point.

Demand for South Park: Stick of Truth sequel and PS4 port – it is true that the game had a bumpy ride to release and a lot of people feel it will never come to Xbox One or PS4 after a lack of news up to this point. Even with that in-mind, we have seen hundreds of comments from people keen to see a launch like with this comment, “I sold my PS3 to help finance the PS4 purchase, I love South Park and hope they port the game, which should be easy considering it is on PC”. Another Product Reviews reader had a clear view of what might happen, “If the South Park Stick of Truth 360/PC/PS3 versions do well, they might port it to PS4/Xbox One. If sales perform badly, then it’s very unlikely we’ll see more money and time put into it”.

Some of those that completed the game already found a desire for more and want a sequel. This is what one commenter had to say, “I just completed South Park Stick of Truth, I really hope they bring out a sequel as the game was amazing”. Again, this possibility could fall on how well the sales perform.

In our opinion, the demand is clearly there for South Park: Stick of Truth to be ported to PS4 and even for a sequel. What it will come down to will be a mix of sales, and of course the priority this takes over other projects for PS4/XB1 and PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. A lot of gamers would like to see new IPs and an even longer list of ports that take priority over South Park.

What ports do you want to see for the PS4, and does South Park: Stick of Truth sit high on your list? Could you see a sequel happening at some point in the future?

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  • guy

    You’re clearly a derp that doesn’t follow video games. Mixed reviews, it has an 2 85’s an 82 on metacritic in critic scores. Also, if you don’t believe critics which is fair, it has 2 8.5’s and an 8.6 user rating from hundreds of reviews. Can’t think of last time a game this popular and big had such good ratings in critics and fans around the board. Next time stick to something you know as you look like an uninformed moron to those of us that actually know things……*facepalm*

  • God

    I think i speak for the majority of the universe when i say this game should be ported to next gen immediately. good day.

  • xAshxRx

    Mixed reviews? The game received critical acclaim

    • rickster5280

      just before release it recieved mixed reviews, then after release all the big comapanies gave it positive reviews is all that means, because i don’t see how this could game could have anything less than critical acclaim.

  • Tony

    I would definitely buy this if it was ported to the Xbox one

  • jzgames11

    Great game, would love a sequel on ps4

    • rickster5280

      I would rather have episodic dlc, rather than a whole new game because the might just make it worse, some video game companies aren’t good at sequels ya know.

  • Ricardo Palmer

    Just finished the game yesterday, and I seriously have to say it is the most utterly ridiculous amazing game I’ve played in years. Replay at this point seems low only because whatever class you use all of them can use the same gear and weapons and with your buddy you get to use all of the other abilities and skills/spells. At this point I’m hoping for some dlc. They have years of content ideas and the mall was completely unused so hopefully they can crank out some decent dlc.

    • Travis McCollum

      They actually are planning DLC for the game in the form of extra costumes and more missions. While I’m not too interested in the former, the fact that they ARE doing the latter and adding more missions to the game does make me excited.

      • Ricardo Palmer

        Yeah the costumes left a little to be desired, more slots at least would have been nice so many badges and nowhere to use them. New missions would be awesome especially if they made another story line to go with it so it wasn’t just a few quick missions and you’re done.

  • Nova Star

    Ps3 please

  • Travis McCollum

    Mixed reviews? What reviews have you been reading? It has an 84/100 average on Metacritic with an 87% approval rating on GameRankings. The average score of SP:TSoT is an 8/10. If that’s considered mixed reviews, I’m not sure what would constitute a positive consensus.

    That notwithstanding, I am all for a sequel, which hopefully they will do.

    • Bruce Regael

      LOL I literally found this link googling something related and seeing the “mixed” part brought me to comment and give a page view to the author.

  • Logan Wayman

    Here’s some ideas for the title of the sequel: South Park: The Rock of Justice, South Park: The Leaf of Strength, and South Park: The Worm of Superiority.

  • chemical

    I want this to come to ps4. Ive got every box set and playd every came theyve made

  • eshan

    I want a sequel to this game!!!!!