Own more garages in GTA V online

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 9, 2014

The need to own more garages in GTA V online is clear and this improvement might land by the 1.12 patch, especially if hints found after the business update have anything to do with it. Some gamers noticed subtle changes that could signal the ability to purchase more than one property and garages in GTA V’s multiplayer element.

Currently, you are only able to own one property at any time in Grand Theft Auto online and when you purchase a new property you receive a slight refund for any other property owned before. There are hopes this will change with the GTA V 1.12 update, which is due next, and even if this patch doesn’t bring an ability to purchase more garages in the online version of the game, you can count on it arriving at some point in the future by an online update or even DLC.

Clues reveal they are listening to players – some Product Reviews readers have noticed a few hints and explain, “the GPS no longer says home, although it does give an address for your home. This is a hint, and I believe we will be able to own another property and garages in time”. Another added, “I really hope the GTA 5 1.12 patch brings Heists and the next online update will allow players to own more garages”.


We touched on desires for the GTA V 1.12 update a few days ago, but also note a demand for new car features. It seems some gamers want a biker update, body kits for cars, and more clothing like t-shirts, hats, and leather pants.

What changes do you want to see with the next online update and GTA V 1.12? Would you like to own more property when playing online?

No doubt some people were trying to hunt down GTA V cheats or glitches to allow for more garages in the online mode, so these people will be happy that the change is almost certainly coming soon. While nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar, putting your address on GPS is a clear hint in our opinion.

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  • Matthew Bolt

    is there going to be an update this weekend we need those heists available

  • psn mobgang100


  • Mr_Ryker

    I feel if they are going to offer additional Housing/Garage space make it a cash only deal. Real money. That way these little punk kids are stuck with only the one. I myself would like several more garages and I as an Adult have no issue on the pay to play.

    • joseph

      Well that’s a stupid Idea if I ever heard one…

    • El Phantasmo

      I’m an adult too, and I’m not paying for stuff like this, it’s stupid enough when someone pays real money for in game money.

  • Turd

    You shud be able to get trophies for various tasks like killing people etc and display them in a trophy room in ur house same with guns bit like on skyrim

  • psn mobgang100

    Wish there was a easier way to deposit cash n2 the bank and bookmark missions like rooftop or replay option on missions

    • Turd

      Use the Internet on ur phone to deposit money it is easy?

      • psn mobgang100

        I know that part but u get killed n the Banking screen is to bright

  • EwanRobinson

    i wish that they would make extra textures for the house’s so you can customize your house the way u want it change colors, floor materials, garage walls and floors and maybe seats and bed colors too. they have given a fair amount of car customization but the house choice and what you can do in it is quite disappointing at the moment

    • El Phantasmo

      I’m with you on that buddy.

  • Annie Tequila

    I think itll be so cool if you can customize your car to the max like the interior, headlight colors, different color lights under the cars, hydraulic, and much more. Also give us the option to do much more activities like expand the places where we the players can go into like more stores.

  • chucktayloras

    i wish just like in gta 4 tbogt going to the night club would be dope, walk inside the police station and raise hell

  • LevsOG

    I was really hoping that you could own multiple properties as I found owning one completely ruined the aspect of buying/earning GTA $. More properties, car modifications, travel to vice city/liberty city using the airport would be amazing. Can’t wait to see future DLC in GTA V and I love the fact it’s always free!

  • R3Konize

    Better places to go more freedom go to secret island robbing houses like on sanandreas go scuber diving make weather Windy Heat seking Rocket/neon under cars quicksand to that will be funny

  • cmcclellan80

    The ability to customize the semis

  • cmcclellan80

    How about laser sights on certain guns now that would be cool to have

    • El Phantasmo

      It would look great at night too.

  • aj

    i want more classic muscle cars and to be able to do wheelies in them

    • Craig Mcclellan

      Ya since theres wheelie bars that would make sense

  • Omar d

    It be nice to have more body kits for cars maybe turbo boosted cars and the ability to slam any Any any car it be great

  • K.j. Littlejohn

    I would really like more black hairstyles like in the story bored I mean franklin has all type of designs but on online all you get is a fade or cornrows. Where’s the afro and small afro??

    • psn mobgang100

      Yea like the rick ross beard or hightop fade aka the box

  • derpatologist

    Super powers.

  • the doctor

    I’m just hoping the next update fixes the snapmatic problem lots of people are having.

  • Well that was a misleading headline…

    • Sue

      The article was on the topic of
      owning more garages in GTA V online and hints at this arriving soon, I think it was spot on, well unless you live in the “I WANT IT NOW” world. Then you will be disappointed, it’s coming don’t you worry.

      • Andrew Michael

        Then it should have left an element of ambiguity in the headline instead of making it seem current or imminent.

      • I actually haven’t had time to play GTAO since the Valentine’s update, so from my understanding from the headline, I thought the ability to actually own multiple properties was already avaliable.

        I’m actually one of the “It’ll get here when it gets here” people. Rockstar can take their time. I prefer quality in my games, not rushed expansions.

  • Josh Reeves

    I want to be able to buy and or still and store emergency vehicles like police cars and such. The game is called grand theft auto so why not be able to still a cop car and keep and paint and all ya know

    • Johan

      You need to quit playing so much gta and go back to school. It’s steal not still. Still means not moving or static.

      • danny

        listen Jon kid stop correcting peeps spelling smart arse get of your own lazy arse and do something with your life you do-gooding snotty nose chimp have a look in the mirror maybe get a job u low life .

      • Guest

        oh by the way Jonny boy what ever crap u with reply with I wont see as I just signed up to this site so I wont receive any comments but just do as I said have a good look in the mirror and don’t get to upset in what u see 🙂

    • danny

      Jon is just upset Josh he never went to school he talks about stop playing gta so much lol coming from the guy who sit around playing gta 24/7 only thing on top of that that gets him of his being a smart arse and correcting peoples spelling I have no idea how the idiot can say playing so much gta and going back to school when did u ever say u don’t go a school and that u play gta to much it seems that some one didn’t bring there kid up right so Jon to get him self of just goes around on the internet all day looking for spelling mistakes that’s what happens when u don’t go a school u turn out like Jon

  • William Airhart

    i want to put hydrualics on every vehicle so i can have a lifted look. i also want to be able to remove body panels like doors, fenders,bumpers

    • Craig Mcclellan

      I agree

    • champ d

      Also nitrous would be great