iOS 7.1 blow for release to public

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 9, 2014

It now looks like an iOS 7.1 beta 6 might land thanks to the release date to public not coming when some people thought it would. We previously heard about the iTunes Festival app needing an update for a live stream, and rumors in regard to version 5.0 needing iOS 7.1, so this created hype towards a public release being imminent.

We now know that was not the case after the the app received an update for SXSW 2014 this week. The notes explain that the app has a refreshed design and received an update for the “iTunes Festival at SXSW”.

It seems most Apple fans have a date in-mind when iOS 7.1 might see a release to public and problems that need fixing. One UK reader had this to say, “I hope the lock screen horizontal keyboard glitch gets fixed, it’s becoming a pain”. We have also seen iOS 7.0.6 randomly turn off, so this alone could be reason enough for an iOS 7.1 beta 6 to fix those problems.

2014 iPad Air and mini differentiator

Fixes needed with iOS 7.1 – If the update doesn’t land within days and we get a beta 6 instead, then what would you like to see improved with the next beta? We have heard from some Product Reviews readers having battery life issues on the iPhone 4 and even iPhone 5S, but this might be due to a bad install in some circumstances. One reader from India had this to say, “My iPhone 4S battery life drained really fast after installing the latest iOS 7 download, then I performed a clean install and everything is back to normal again. My tip of the week, try a clean install before contacting Apple”.

What would you like to see fixed on iPad or iPhone with iOS 7.1? If you’re a developer, do you think a beta 6 is needed before a release to public?


There will be a number of bug fixes and graphic tweaks, but personally it would be amazing to see the iPhone 5/5S iOS 7 Airdrop work to Mac. We highlighted the need for this feature in the past and we’re not alone. Leave a comment below with what you think needs fixing and new features that should arrive in the next update.

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  • Kevin Phan

    IT’S OUT 🙂

  • Daniel Kaz

    7.1 has been release just now !!!!
    10 March 2014 at 19:00

    • waseem


  • That’s right. Just because “people thought it would be” released means we’ll see a sixth beta. Utter rubbish. If we see anything it will the the GM or the public release.

  • Ismail Mehmet

    I agree with Daniel Chubb of their being an AirDrop feature that works between iOS and MAC OSx. Additional features that I would like to see in future release of iOS whether it’s in 7.1 or other releases, I would like to see a split-screen multitasking feature. This would be great to multi-task with other apps. I am a college student, so in my case, I would use iBooks on one side to read my text book, and on the other side, I would have iWork’s Pages app open to write an essay. Another feature would be for Apple to implement Mac OSx Mavericks technology of using App Nap, which is a power saving technology of reducing any animation on open apps to a minimum when open on the multi-task bar in the background. This would improve battery life a lot I think. I would also like the iPad iOS only to have user accounts. So if a family was to share an iPad between them, they could have their own space of installing what they like and partition each user a fair amount of space. This would be great for parents who are giving their iPads to kids so then the child can have a restricted access iPa and the parent to have access to all features. My final feature improvement would be that when the iOS device reaches 20% power, to then go into a power saving mode where it disables location and notification services, brightness, parallax, 4G (on iPhones), Bluetooth and Tethering services. But at users will, can re-enable them, if required. Once put to charge however, all the features to re-enable that where on before they were disabled.

    • Joe

      I agree with you about both the split screen and the user accounts, but if this did happen I don’t think it would be until iOS 8 comes out.

      • Ismail Mehmet

        Sure, to be honest I wouldn’t expect any of the features I have mentioned above for 7.1 as it’s not a major release. Let’s hope that Apple focuses more on performance and neat features, and less on making it look prettier than it already is.

  • njdan30

    Who shives a git? And stop being “IN MATURE” LMAO

  • Pope Francis

    Love seeing how stupid apple makes their customers look. You all act like a bunch of excited school girls. You idiots don’t even know what Beta you’re using.. Typical Apple user.

    • TiredOfMorons

      Go brush your tooth.

    • Daniel Printy

      Do you feel better now that you’ve made yourself look in mature

    • redfrec

      Yet you’re commenting on an article about apple software…

  • Chris

    After downloading iOS 7.0.6, the sound on my ipad 2 went out. It only works with headphones and when it does start working, it only lasts for about 10 seconds. Please fix.

    • Ismail Mehmet

      Take it back to apple and tell them this happened after installing the iOS. Even if the warranty is expired they will still replace or repair for free as it was an iOS issue not a hardware issue.

  • knucklesammich2240

    how about being able to shuffle music by genre without creating a smartlist

  • Doll

    Bring back the slider bar to unlock phone, so no one accidentally unlocks it

  • Stark

    I currently use a 4s .! They need to fix loads of bugs.!! Like litreally.! Then performance of the phone.!! The laggy behaviour of 4s should be washed away by next release.! And yes clean install helps.!!
    “I seriously dont need any new features, but the only thing i want is performance” and this laggy nature to fade away.! Atleast we could enjoy the iphone experince.!! Big thing- BUG fixes.!!

    • Joe

      Get a new phone cheap skate

      • m1ssilez

        I don’t think he can afford a new phone, dumbass

    • Pope Francis

      You obviously can’t afford an iPhone 5, just switch to android.. They basically give their phones away

      • Andrew Michael

        Is that right? I would educate myself on the difference between a low end and high end phone, I don’t see the HTC One (2013 Best Smartphone) being remotely cheap, nor S4, nor Sony Z1 etc etc.

    • Ismail Mehmet

      Stark, your problem with performance is to do with the iOS being the latest on the device. Because your iPhone was designed to run iOS 5 in its day, it’s struggling to keep up with the new technologies in iOS 7. I would suggest selling the iPhone 4S and upgrading to the new iPhone 5S or wait later this year for the iPhone 6??? I know you are not fussed with new features but for performance, I think it’s time for an upgrade, don’t you?

  • TonyT

    I’m an Apple developer and I can confirm the current beta in the iOS Dev Center is beta 5, so Mrky015 is wrong.

    • isuckedyourmom

      theres gonna be ios 7.1 beta 7!

  • Mrky015

    I love reading this article apple already pushed 7.1 beta 6 on feb 24 it would be ios 7.1 beta 7

    • You are wrong, the current beta is iOS 7.1 beta 5. All developers know this.

    • Wiibloke

      The report is utter nonsense. There is nothing of any merit here.


    Overheating iPad 3
    Sloooow iPad 3 since 7.0
    Random crashing iPhone 5s

    • Ismail Mehmet

      I would strongly suggest visiting your local Apple store. The Genius Bar should be able to help you with the problem of your 5S crashing randomly. Where as your iPad 3rd gen performance, I’m afraid that’s down to the iOS which may be because the hardware can’t coupe with the new OS or mainly a problem with the device where in that case I would also suggest visiting the Genius Bar at your local Apple store.

  • sanguiseritmeus

    Random crashes. STOP THE MADNESS.

    • Joseph Snodgrass

      Thinking galaxy s5 before i get iphone 6 what you think i think theres time to work on ios before it is back to normal

      • hemam

        the lastest ios beta is beta 5 you dumbasses

        • Ismail Mehmet

          Joseph’s comment didn’t imply towards iOS 7.1’s beta stages. If you read again, you will realise your made an error. In future read properly and use less insults towards others. 😉