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Bacon app for iPhone jealousy on Android

Many people like bacon, what is there not to love about bacon if you eat meat? We never thought we would see something like this happen, but we can tell you that there’s now a Bacon app for iPhone – which wakes you up in the morning with the scent of bacon filling your nostrils.

You are probably wondering how this is possible. Oscar Mayer has created this app, with the combination of a dongle that plugs into the bottom of the iPhone. Using this, it will produce a rich Oscar Mayer bacon smell in the morning – but as we’ve found out, only if you are using an iPhone.

Unfortunately, it looks like bacon lovers on Android will not get to enjoy this. We hear that the dongle needed for the Bacon iPhone app is not going to be mass produced and as a result looks unlikely to come to Android and Windows Phone based devices.

It’s yet another iPhone exclusive, which is going to be a painful pill for Android users to swallow, especially with such an interesting concept with the cleverly combined bacon app and scent functionality.

iPhone owners don’t have it easy just yet though, as there’s only 4700 devices to be won. You can apply to win one over at the website, but even then you have to answer three trivia questions based on Oscar Mayer’s product.

Great idea, it could catch on to other things..
Great idea, it could catch on to other things..

Good luck to those trying to win one, but are you disappointed as an Android owner that a similar promotion is not available to you? Give us your thoughts on the Bacon app below.



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