Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs iPhone 6 popularity

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2014

How are you finding your own personal reaction to the Samsung Galaxy S5, after Samsung has now officially announced the device? Many consumers were expecting great things from the upgrade, but it perhaps didn’t happen. Does this mean now that Apple has an easy victory in sight with the iPhone 6 release date or not?

Apple must have been an interesting spectator at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, to see the Samsung Galaxy S5 announced with minimal fanfare. In previous tradition, Samsung has given their new flagship devices a star studded individual event, but it didn’t happen with the S5.

A prime reason for this could be that the device arguably isn’t the true S4 upgrade that both consumers and secretly maybe even Samsung were looking for. Everyone was expecting to see a 2K display at least, along with a 64-bit processor as the main two key ingredients.

We did not see this though, with the Galaxy S5 instead sporting a 5-inch display with a 1920×1080 resolution – the exact same resolution which was featured on the Galaxy S4.

We recently asked our readers if they were planning to upgrade to the Galaxy S5, but actually the majority of them told us that they see no reason to and will keep their Galaxy S4 or Note 3 phones to save money.

Are you ready for Apple to do it all over again with the iPhone 6?

Are you ready for Apple to do it all over again with the iPhone 6?

Apple in the meantime can go one better and finally give consumers the 2K smartphone that they desire and didn’t see from Samsung this month. Rumors from Asia speculate on a possible iPhone 6 with a 2272×1280 with 510 ppi – an obvious step up from the current 1136×640 resolution and 326 ppi offered on the iPhone 5S.

Combine that with a new 64-bit Apple A8 processor, iOS 7.2 and finally a RAM upgrade to 2GB and we could see an iPhone that even Android owners may be interested in picking up.

In terms of a popularity contest, do you think the onus is now on Apple to deliver something impressive with the iPhone 6 and more importantly – a device to meet consumer demand?

That 2K display seems to be everything at the moment and we expected to see it on the Galaxy S5, but didn’t. Let us know your thoughts on both the Galaxy S5 and the rumored iPhone 6 and whether you can admit to being a little disappointed with the Galaxy S5 upgrade as an Android fan.

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  • Wes R

    I have the current HTC One and cannot wait for the new announcement at the end of the month. Forget the Samsung plastic HTC is making quality Android experiences with the One. I had the S3 and compared to the One it was a toy. I say go HTC Samsung is quickly becoming the Apple of Android and that’s not a area I’d like to be in.

  • Sam R

    Hopefully this failure by Samsung allows phones that are better than both galaxy phones and iPhones to get more popular. Sequels to the HTC One, Moto X, and LG G2 will hopefully become more widely used in 2014 (which didn’t happen last year due to lack of advertising).

    • KB

      I agree. I really like my HTC One and hope the One 2 or whatever they are going to call it lives up to its start. My wife has the GS4 and neither of us care for it. I have also disliked the Apple products I have used. My wife really liked her Atrix from a few years back and guessing her next purchase will be the successor to the Moto X.

    • Tex

      I will never buy Apple. They try to monopolize you into only supporting Apple products. Why would I do that when I can buy a Samsung phone that is as good or better and use it with any type of products that I desire?

    • Assad

      The best phone on the market that deserves a spot is the Sony Z2, it has the best specs so far and is clearly the nicest looking Android have to say i like the design better that the HTC One

  • Agent 47

    Well we can’t compare just yet. We’ll have to wait till the S5 Prime is out and see what it has to offer as opposed to iPhone 6.

  • sanguiseritmeus

    Apple all the way. The new S5, and in particular the gold version, looks like a buttery Ritz cracker or a bandaid. No thank you.