PS4 headset support list, Bluetooth update plea

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 8, 2014

The need for a Sony PS4 headset support list has been top of wish lists for weeks, so today we thought it’s time to give Product Reviews readers what they been asking for with a little direction. It is also good to remember that support for a PS4 Bluetooth headset is yet to arrive, in many cases we’ve seen you will get the No Profile Matched error message.

Sony explains that they are making wireless Bluetooth headsets for the PS4, but existing models that worked on PS3 lack support thanks to a change of Bluetooth versions. The anger from gamers was clear last year, after hearing limitation news for PS4 Bluetooth headsets, headphones, and even the common wired USB headset.

The above news wasn’t good if you owned an expensive pair of headphones that you really want to use on PlayStation 4, just like you did with your PS3.

We also heard last year from Turtle Beach and a Bluetooth spokesperson in regard to the PS4 Bluetooth headset issues. It seems that Bluetooth themselves think it’s possible to provide a PS4 firmware update later on to deliver support for older spec Bluetooth headsets, although Turtle Beach mention this was a business decision by Sony and they might never offer full Bluetooth backwards compatibility via a software update.


PS4 headset support list – we have found a number of lists that are even being updated on a daily basis with new headphones/headsets that work with the PS4. This page reveals a list of compatible headsets for PS4 that already work on PS3 and these include the likes of PlayStation Gold, Astro A40, Pulse Elite, Steelseries H Wireless, and Turtle Beach P11.

The best page online that reveals working PS4 headsets can be found in this Google Doc. Thanks to being a spreadsheet that others can update as well, you will find many models of headsets with YES/NO answers for chat coming through a separate feed, headsets working with game audio, how they connect, and what problems still remain.

At the time of writing there’s over 250 entries in that Google Doc and you can even add your own headset to the list with extra details. There’s a vast list of brands within the document, as you can imagine, so this list will most likely help a lot of people trying to find out what headsets are supported right now.

What PS3 headsets do you own that work with the PS4, or does your model have problems? Also, would you like a PS4 firmware update to bring full Bluetooth headset support?

If you are looking for a list of compatible PS3 accessories for PS4, then this is one of the best pages we’ve found that also received updates after related PS4 firmware updates. The last update landed around the time of the PS4 1.60 update.

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  • Gabe El

    I was wondering if I could get some help here. I’m thinking about getting an Asus Strix DSP headset for PS4 use (looking to get that sound whoring edge on online games), but the sales page says its only compatible on the console by plugging it in the audio jack on the controller. Now I’m not sure if the USB audio box would work if you plug it into the PS4. But maybe it didn’t work back then and now there’s an update that made these types of headsets compatible?

  • BrianB

    The issue is not support. Sony licensed (contracted) agreements with specific vendors. Providing support, most likely, would cause Sony to be in breach of their own contract liable for estimated losses for the remainder of their agreement term. To our dismay, we are stuck with current options from those who are licensed. This doesn’t mean that more options will not become available, but not knowing the terms of the licensing leaves us in the dark. Personally, I would love to use my Jaybirds once again, but until…

  • Matt Fletcher

    PS4 compatible Bluetooth wireless headsets are “afterglow Bluetooth communicator” & “Giotech LP-1”.
    Both being released on amazon, Giotech is out Mon 24th Nov & afterglow is out Fri 28th Nov 2015.
    NEXT WEEK! Woop woop!!!
    About bloody time!!! 🙂

  • Matt Fletcher

    You’re welcome!!! 😀

    • Matt Fletcher

      PS4 COMPATIBLE!!! 🙂

  • sean

    Wondering if a Bluetooth 3.0 will work on a ps4?

    • Melvin Smits

      I have tried a Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 and none of them worked..

  • Bob

    So annoying that I have to plug in my turtle beach px4 just to be able to talk through a microphone that works great on PS3!

  • Matty Pearson

    It’s ok guys, i’m still working with the nand update, give me a couple more months and at se7ensins we should have a solution, might take a couple more months, but if we get it working we can shove it in sony’s money grabbing face 🙂

  • Abel Zion

    This issue just blows…I should’ve liked this up before I bought my ps4. Well whatever this sony fangirl will stick to sony things.

  • Justin B.

    I have a turtle beach ear force XP 500 which was a very expensive head set and I’m really infuriated that I can’t use its blue tooth capabilities to have it act as a microphone on the ps4

  • Jamie McColm

    yes i want earpiece support.. i DO NOT want to sit and wear a ridiculously big ugly stupid lookin headset just to chat with friends while gaming. and in my opinion those that do wear them just look like morons (want a helmet too? lol).. also i DO NOT want to have a WIRED earpiece .. this is 2014 for christ sake… WIRES REALLY???? pathetic.. i love my ps4 but in my opinion the ps3 is far superior for the connection and playback support… thank god i kept my ps3.. and get with the 3d support sony.. geez

    • YourDumb

      You sound like a pretentious idiot, in my opinion.

      • PaleHaunt

        As dumb as using the incorrect “You’re?”

    • Paul

      I 100% agree with you Jamie

  • TR1V1UM

    I have a Jawbone Original that doesn’t work on my PS4… I’m pissed. Worked great on PS3.

  • Mayz

    I would like for the bluedio R to work with the PS4. =(

  • Voiceoftruth

    And make it so we can play media through an external USB

  • Voiceoftruth

    who cares about the headphones, just add a youtube app for the love of god

    • Richard Bost

      they had one from launch

  • Johno

    it would be nice if the turtle beach xp 500 worked on the ps4

  • Me

    Any usb headset from the ps3 works. It’s just Bluetooth that doesn’t. I have turtle beach and a urn branded headset both usb both work fine.

    • nick

      Talking about bluetooth not usb