Windows 8.1 download leaked via update link

By Matt Tran - Mar 9, 2014

A Windows 8.1 update has reportedly been leaked via a download link, outing the full release date as April. If you are too eager to wait for Windows 8.1 next month then you still may be able to upgrade your system using these unofficial links that have recently surfaced online.

My Digital Life Forums are hosting access to all of the file links which can be downloaded individually to update your operating system. The alternative option is to tweak your registry but this might not be ideal for some users. According to Ubergizo, the people who have already downloaded Windows 8.1 using the registry tweak technique have not reported any issues so far.

Given that the version users upgraded to was likely the final build, it should run smoothly, however it is unclear whether the links provided will provide a seamless update. The general feelings of Windows users on the forums is that the leaked version is in fact the final build of Windows 8.1, not an advanced beta version.

Windows 8.1:8 bootable from USB, detailed on video

Whilst it looks like these methods of obtaining Windows 8.1 prove successful we do not encourage our readers to download software illegally. If you do choose however to take the risk of upgraded to Windows 8.1 early then it is at your own risk. It looks near certain that the official version will be released in April, perhaps Microsoft will enlighten us with an official arrival date soon.

Will you be using these leaked links to download Windows 8.1, or will you hold on for the legit launch?

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