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Titanfall Xbox One update live

Titanfall is not launching officially until March 11, but as expected it looks like some lucky gamers have received their copies early. When you boot up the game for the first time though there’s a surprise waiting – an 840MB Titanfall Day One Xbox One patch.

We can tell you that this update is already live though, allowing those who have the game already to install early. Unfortunately though we don’t have the Titanfall patch notes for you yet – hopefully we will be able to bring you them soon and see what Respawn has ‘fixed’ from the beta.

You can see from the image above though that this update is definitely live right now. Also, we have confirmation from Respawn that those who have received an early copy are free to go online without any penalty.

As we have seen in the past, those playing COD before the launch date had their Xbox Live accounts banned, but this won’t be an issue with Titanfall as Vince Zampella has given everyone the green light to get the party started early.

If you have this update already and played the beta regularly, feel free to help out below with your own observations on any changes that may be included in the 840MB patch.

Happy gaming to those that have Titanfall early – are you impressed?



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