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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Verizon price concerns

Earlier on this week we told you that Samsung had finally announced a solid Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 release date and price for consumers in US. Now though, we have some specific information for Verizon customers who are looking to get Samsung’s premium tablet – although it’s not the best of news.

As most of you had feared after seeing Samsung’s Europe prices for the tablet, we can confirm that the Verizon Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is going to be very expensive.

While the WiFi version of the tablet will ship on March 9 as previously mentioned, Verizon’s LTE variant is actually available to buy online from their website and ready for shipping right now.

That’s where the good news stops though as the asking price is $749.99 on a two year contract with Big Red. If you are looking for the LTE version but don’t want a contract with Verizon, you’ll have to pay a staggering $849.99 for this luxury.

Lovely tablet, but worth $750?
Lovely tablet, but worth $750?

In a period where we thought tablets were coming down in price, you have to say that this price is out of the reach of many consumers who won’t want to pay more than $600 for any high-end tablet.

Then again, that dazzling 12-inch display is the first of its kind so obviously Samsung are going to put a price on such premium pieces of hardware.

Let us know if this is too much for you to pay, after initially being very interested in getting the LTE version.



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