Dishonored 2 rumors ignite before E3 2014

Earlier on this month we told you about the surprising rumors suggesting that Dishonored 2 would be the subject of a major E3 2014 reveal. At the time these rumors seem to have come out of nowhere, but now we have even more juicier Dishonored 2 news to share with you.

Just when everyone is expecting Bethesda to announce Fallout 4, imagine the possibility of Dishonored 2 now being the next big game from the company.

This week, more rumored information has turned up in the form of an alleged internal Dishonored 2 fact sheet. It has the same theme as the recent Dishonored 2 information we gave you, this time though suggesting that the Dishonored 2 release date is going to be in 2016.

Another tasty piece of information references the alleged Dishonored 2 game engine. The materials we’ve seen suggests that the game could be running on id Tech 5 – the same engine that will be used to power the likes of The Evil Within and the new WolfenStein: The New Order game.

Id Tech 5 is also going to be used for the Doom reboot and that apparently you’ll get beta access to Doom by pre-ordering Dishonored 2. While this is an exciting prospect, it does seem a little doubtful considering that Doom has thought to have been in development since 2008 – if Dishonored 2 is supposedly coming in 2016, then does that mean Doom isn’t coming until 2017?

Either way, things are shaping up very nicely indeed for another exciting E3 2014 event this Summer. Let us know your expectations for Dishonored 2 and whether you think these latest wave of images could be real.



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