COD Ghosts Devastation DLC release date

We knew it was coming soon, but now we are pleased to give you confirmation on this. The COD Ghosts Devastation release date has just been announced by Activision, confirming what we already expected with a release date in April.

It was only earlier this week which we told you about The Ripper, the new weapon that we thought would be bundled in with the Devastation release on Xbox Live.

In actual fact though, The Ripper is available right now to all Season Pass owners on Xbox Live which is a bonus treat that we were not expecting.

The big news though is that Devastation is coming on April 3. As usual, it will include four new multiplayer maps and a brand new Extinction map. The multiplayer maps in question are Ruins, Collision, Behemoth and Unearthed, while the new Extinction map is called Mayday, which is officially subtitled as Episode 2.

The new Extinction map should be particularly exciting this time around, as players will have to take down a 100-foot tall boss known as The Kraken – good luck with that.

As always, COD Ghosts players looking for a Devastation PS4/PS3 release date will have to wait a month – there’s no date confirmed from Activision yet but we’ll let you know. It is a bit disappointing to see the The Ripper isn’t available for even PS4 and PS3 Season Pass owners at least – who said Infinity Ward doesn’t have favorites?

Let us know your thoughts on the release date and the new maps in question. We’ll be bringing you further analysis soon. Also give us your impressions of The Ripper if you have it already.



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