Watch Dogs PS4 Vs Xbox One differences

Watch Dogs is officially on the way, as Ubisoft has now confirmed a Watch Dogs release date of May 27 as revealed in our previous report. Now though, we look at potential Watch Dogs PS4 Vs Xbox One differences ahead of launch, as it looks like final resolutions may have been revealed already.

One difference between the two platforms is that Watch Dogs on PS4 is going to feature Ubisoft’s exclusive content again. We have seen the same with Assassin’s Creed down the years and now Watch Dogs will follow suit – 1 hour of extra content on PS4 and PS3, not included on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 versions.

More importantly though, it looks like resolutiongate is back on the cards. Information apparently revealed by Watch Dogs behind the scenes suggests that Watch Dogs on PS4 will be 1080p native resolution at launch.

The Xbox One version however is rumored to be 960p in comparison. This is a better outcome than Thief though, as we told you recently that the PS4 version of this game was 1080p, but only 900p on Xbox One. Both Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One will reportedly run at 30FPS, not 60FPS.

Will 960p be satisfactory to you though, or were you expecting complete parity between the two versions? Remember that this is still rumored information until confirmed official by Ubisoft.

We highly doubt at this point after seeing the majority of Xbox One games fail to hit 1080p, that Watch Dogs will be any different though. Let us know if this is a factor in your decision to pick up a PS4 version.

Would 1080p and one hour of extra gameplay turn you to the PS4 version, or are you still getting the Xbox One copy?



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