Pokemon X and Y PowerSave cheats community

By Alan Ng - Mar 6, 2014

If you have been wondering how players are using Pokemon X and Y hacks to get shiny Xerneas, mega Latios and Diancie into the game, we can tell you that it is all down to PowerSaves for 3DS. It now has support for Pokemon X and Y cheats and some have also been using this method to clone Pokemon as well.

While most obviously prefer to play Pokemon X and Y without hacking, it is also fair to say that hacking has now become a standard feature of the game – whether Nintendo and Game Freak like it or not.

The debate will always go on of course, but then so will the use of Pokemon X and Y Power Saves. Many players already have Diancie on their game, while others are desperately trying to trade a Mega Latios and Latias after finding out that these unreleased Pokemon are also already in circulation online.

Most recently, PowerSave cheats have also been used, showing how to get AZ’s Floette in Pokemon X and Y, which we told you about in a separate report here. From what we have seen though, the biggest use of this software is cloning and making multiple copies of unreleased Pokemon for trading, giveaways or just for bragging rights.

This is the interface you'll see when using PowerSaves.

This is the interface you’ll see when using PowerSaves.

We’ve found a video below which one user even goes to the length of giving a step by step tutorial on how to use PowerSaves 3DS to clone on Pokemon X and Y. Once again, we’re not saying you should all jump on the bandwagon and get your own PowerSaves from Amazon – but you should at least be aware of the method in which this is all happening.

It’s down to Nintendo to clamp down on it in our opinion and we hope they find some solution to this to make it a fair playing ground during Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles.

Are you using PowerSaves for Pokemon X and Y at the moment? If so, give us your personal reasons as to why you think it is necessary.

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  • Chaotic Crimson

    Right now I use a powersave to shiny my pokemon just for looks in battle. However I can tell that cloning and the such will be used much more often to get pokemon into the new ORAS games.


    How else am i to get a diancie or a mega latios and latias when i didn’t have the game when the event was released?

  • Nate

    Where can one find the Powersave?

  • TheRealOG

    Powersaves is ok to me because some like me use it to get pokemon they like when they dont have the time or means to. you can also back up a saves file just in case. Powersaves doesn’t have anything too ‘game-breaking’ on it as of now and Nintendo already does a good job of detecting everything anyone does in their Nintendo life.

  • bob

    powersaves can be used for save file backup.

  • Lucas Catterson

    They’ve started developing something in the poke bank to detect power save Pokemon and block them from the next gen

    • Garry Andrew Grainger


  • torch

    if you use it can play online after????????

  • h

    nintendo cant do anything

    • Michael Scesny

      they did