GTA V 1.12 update desires

By Alan Ng - Mar 6, 2014

Rockstar has made many GTA V players happy with the recent GTA V 1.11 update, notably due to the return of the much-loved Rat Loader custom vehicle. Looking ahead though, what would you like to see added by way of new features to the game in the future GTA V 1.12 patch?

We have already talked about the need for GTA V Heists in 1.11, but enough of that as Rockstar surely are aware of the huge demand for the mode. In terms of gameplay tweaks though and other new features, should Rockstar be looking at providing more fun ways to enjoy GTA Online with friends?

GTA V story mode seems to have been forgotten about at the moment, so we wouldn’t mind if the next major patch introduced the long awaited GTA V DLC expansion that Rockstar are inevitably working on behind closed doors.

Rockstar are obviously known for releasing massive expansions for their GTA games and it has been over half a year now since release so we are definitely due some news on the first major GTA V DLC expansion front.

Having said that, it is worth taking into consideration that it was almost a year during the period in which The Lost and Damned was released for GTA IV after launching, so we could be waiting a while yet before Rockstar give out any news.

Take a look at the full GTA V 1.11 patch notes here if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think needs to be added to the GTA V 1.12 update as a priority.

Gamers seem certain that Heists still won’t be coming with 1.12, so let us know what you think Rockstar should add instead. Are you finally becoming happy with the state of GTA Online after so many problems, or do you think it needs further work?

Don’t forget about the secret Heists beta gameplay that was revealed here.

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  • Jrod

    Customize and be able to take quads into ls customs

  • Manny Thomas

    Dont make us do races for the car parts

    • Manny Thomas

      Also add what everybody wants to get more ratings

  • Edubble702

    I would love to have hydraulic/airbag options for suspension at lsc, a lowrider is just a car without them. something like the south central pack for midnight club.

  • pink

    We want long female character hairstyles instead of those dinosurs boyish grandma hairstyles !

    • Alyssa Santiago


  • Steelers_10341

    Add horses

  • Toastman zonn3

    Jet pack and anti tank rockets

  • Brock

    More upgrades for car such as speed upgrades body kits etc more then one garage more weapons bring back the dukes the charger looking car let us upgrade the limo I think would looks good if it was done up

  • michael

    rock star should give everybody 1 billion dollars a beach house that u can buy online and I no that everybody is like why should he give us that much money well he should give us that money because everybody had billions now people have 0.00 dollars and he shouldn’t let us by mansions because everybody hangs’ out at playboy mansion

    • TechPro

      WTF? Are you insane?

    • Manny Thomas

      I like your thinking add me on ps3 manny_thomas123 if you have one

  • michael

    they should add a hii billy update with lowriders and a better shotgun

  • LIUhockey18

    – Story DLC featuring Niko Bellic!
    – Also would be cool to be able to buy his outfit for my online character.
    – Open up the Casino and stock market for online.
    – Los Santos sports teams jerseys for online characters (baseball, hockey, football). Personally would love to rock a hockey jersey
    – Option to put tints on front windshields
    – Open up the Burger Shots and Cluckin Bells to buy food and boost health in story and online
    – Own a second garage separate from the one that comes with apartment
    – Ability to pay a fee to remotely detonate Pegasus Vehicles (for when you want to switch vehicles or get back at someone for stealing it)
    – Wanted persons jobs from police car computer
    – Players online have their bank accounts go negative if they can’t afford the premium on someone’s personal car they just destroyed. Go too far negative and their cars and apartments get repossessed one by one to settle the account and can be purchased back from Maze Bank when they rebuild their funds
    – Add North Yankton to online (Snow!)

    • TechPro

      Finally something that makes real sense than giving us money! Totally agree!

      • Dustin p

        right, they cut the money for all races and only gets us $$ and the parts for cars are $$$$$$ way expensive


    Flesh out some of the barely touched on story mode cut scenes. Can we dig deeper into why Trevor has Mommy issues and make some house burglary jobs and open up the PROLAPS and CLuckin BELL. Also more vehicle mods like bodykits and introduce the true SS camaro just like you did for mustang. Also allow the players to gamble and win more money and Franklin needs a legit girlfirend.

  • Solomon151

    Scuba gear, to be able to purchase a separate garage from your apartment and a crossbow.

  • Tarz Te Koi

    Lowrider hydrolics update or a biker update… Need more clothing like leather pants, hats, t shirts….

  • Jaydin Watson

    Everything on that list is great but one thing they should fix is the prices for some things that. Are ridiculously expensive. Like really a flashliget for five grand… thats a little much or at least more high paying missions. if u could get anything added it would be anything on that list you are completely right . Also they should add more sport cars and like 1970 trucks and hot rods . Like a back in the past dlc that would be awesome

  • Austin Aalto

    I think should bring more body kits for the cars and lift kits make it more real

    • lilgold