Destiny beta given social focus

By Matt Tran - Mar 6, 2014

The upcoming Destiny beta has been given a social focus, with Bungie encouraging players to share their experiences. The developer has said that they will not stop players from sharing beta content or footage via programs like Twitch, quite the opposite in fact.

Bungie’s Destiny beta will arrive this summer on PS4 and PS3 first, being available for the other platforms shortly after. The studio has implied that they will be celebrating their beta launch and want it to be shared and enjoyed, opposed to played privately and leaked. Destiny is a thing to be shared and Bungie are treating the beta almost as if it were the game’s full release.

In fact, Bungie community manager David Dague has taken things a step further by challenging players in their combat. According to Gamespot, Dague announced that the team would be doing much more than sharing player’s glorious war stories, going as far as featuring them in some of their stories if they are brave enough.

All of the stunning video footage and screenshots which Bungie has been releasing so far is not even the final product, with Dague hinting that it could get even better. Destiny is expected to be a billion dollar franchise, potentially overtaking Call of Duty as Activision’s golden IP. The first Destiny trial this summer should be superb, prepare for chaos when beta keys are being given away.

Are you impressed with the way Bungie are making the Destiny beta so open and promoting sharing rather than keeping it hidden with a NDA?

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  • nf414

    Cant wait to get it for XB1 !

  • Master

    Pre ordering it for ps4 even though I don’t have one

  • Alex Fletcher

    cant wait to download the beta!