COD Ghosts Devastation The Ripper analysis

Call of Duty Ghosts Season Pass members are in for a treat now, especially those playing on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It looks like Infinity Ward is about to reveal the COD Ghosts Devastation release date, as we’ve had a tease confirming the Ripper as the next free DLC weapon.

Infinity Ward has officially teased this new weapon in a video we have included below. The Ripper is going to be unique in the fact that we can tell you it’s a hybrid weapon with both SMG and Assault Rifle functions.

Official information is coming on Thursday for Xbox Season Pass members, which tells us that this is specifically related to Devastation which is also going to be landing towards the end of March.

The ripper is waiting for you..
The ripper is waiting for you..

The weapon looks pretty exciting from the picture teases that Infinity Ward has offered and also the brief segments of gameplay that you can see below.

Is there a danger that the Ripper could be overpowered though with its multi-function abilities? Either way, you’ll need a Season Pass if you want to get your hands on it. We’ve also included some analysis on the Ripper from COD Gamer Ali A below.

Are you looking forward to ripping up multiplayer with the Ripper? Give us your own personal thoughts on the weapon in the comments.



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