PlayStation Plus forecasts free triple-A games on PS4

By Marlon Votta - Mar 5, 2014

If you were wondering whether PlayStation Plus will get any free triple-A games during 2014 an insider has given us reason to believe there will be a few coming to the PS4 this year. At the moment, free PS Plus offerings for Sony’s new console have been a bit sparse, in fact, there have only been indie titles emerging to date.

According to the source, Sony has informed him that triple-A games will be coming to the Instant Game Collection’s rotation during 2014 and he says that we will have to be patient. The source in question is industry insider Ahsan Rasheed and he claims that during a conversation with Sony this was the final conclusion.

Rasheed has a pretty reliable track record for being right, but we understand his recent tweets may be regarded as a rumour until something is officially confirmed by Sony. His tweets can be viewed on the Official PlayStation Magazine as they pick out a couple of relevant ones after his chat with Sony.

He expressed his frustration with the PS4 and highlighted this to then return saying he’s been told “good stuff is coming, be patient this is the typical Sony cycle.” In addition, he added “I’ve also been told later this year PS Plus on PS4 will have AAA“.

Are you expecting some decent triple-A title to emerge this year on the PS4? Alternatively, what are your thoughts on the current new indie games available?

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  • Josh101

    Resogun, Contrast, Don’t Starve, Outlast and Dead Nation have ALL been awesome free games. Especially Resogun, Outlast and Dead Nation. If you don’t enjoy the quality of those free games, something is seriously wrong with you.

    • EMCgaming

      Whats wrong with me? outlast was good though

      • Josh101

        If someone complains of the quality “AAA” or not on free game, they are simply ungreatful little twits. They are FREE!! It’s like complaining about a Christmas present. You just don’t! You smile and act interested, even if it’s not to your liking. I could possibly see being disappointed if these games were YEARS old, but they aren’t.

        • Josh101

          Someone by the name Pr1mo posted this, that is under moderation: “I’m not ungrateful but why are playstation plus only giving **** murder and monster games away on ps4. I don’t want pools of blood and chopping limbs off with chainsaws, I have children and as playstation is a family entertainment system… So if I’m “paying” for my plus perscription for these “free” games, then let’s try something a little more family friendly!”
          Contrast, Resogun and Don’t starve are all family friendly titles. Did you not download those? 3 out of the 5 titles offered on PS+ in the past few months have been without “gore, blood and chainsaws.”

        • mike

          I disagree. It’s not like complaining about a Christmas gift because we are paying for PlayStation plus and the big gimmick of the service is getting paid games for “free”. It’s not even entirely free because we have to pay for membership but that’s besides the point. A better analogy would be saying its like giving someone 20 dollars to buy you a Christmas gift and they come back with something you don’t like. When going toe to toe with indie games versus triple a titles people are always going to want the triple a game that once cost 60 bucks. Like a tomb raider, remember me, mortal kombat, grid 2. I’m choosing any of those games over resogun any day of the week. Not anything against resogun but I just like full games more. I could get my resogun fix from similar games on the App Store for free or .99 cents.

        • Josh101

          I disagree with your disagreement 😛 Well, considering that Contrast, Resogun, Outlast, Dead Nation and Don’t starve purchased separately already cost MORE than the year membership of $50. I believe that point is moot. Especially considering the free games also offered on PS Vita and PS3. Which, even if you currently don’t have a PS3 PS4 or PS Vita, you can go online and “purchase” these games to be downloaded whenever you DO have those consoles. Soo, with PS+, including all platforms it is offered on, they have given away more than $100.00 worth of games across all platforms. For free with paid subscription. Over twice the cost of PS+ was given back in one month. There’s no other deal out there that comes close.

        • EMCgaming

          They might cost more but I would give 3 of those up for a 3a title

        • EMCgaming

          I never said I complained about it it’s the games were ‘nice’ but I wouldnt say they were great and no 3a but thats fine, they will come with 3a, I can wait, and you now people pay for ps+ right