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iOS 7.1 public release time

It’s nearly iOS 7.1 public release time with sources stating the update is days away. Apple fans are surely excited for the update after multiple beta testing, but when will iOS 7.1 for iPad and other devices be available to download?

To recap, we have seen five iOS 7.1 betas so far. We are still waiting for an iOS 7.1 Golden Master update to go live, but it does now seem likely that previous rumors on an iOS 7.1 release date happening in March were spot on.

On top of this, the usually reliable John Gruber from Daring Fireball confirms that the iOS 7.1 download ‘is just days away.’ His reasoning for this is a logical one – Apple is preparing for their iTunes Festival at SXSW on March 11.

In order to provide customers with iTunes Festival streaming though, Apple will need to release iOS 7.1 though as their app tools reportedly requires iOS 7.1 to function correctly.

iOS 7.1 beta 3 running on the iPad Air
iOS 7.1 beta 3 running on the iPad Air

As a result we should be seeing iOS 7.1 live before March 11 at the very latest, but hopefully we will see the iOS 7.1 public release even sooner than that.

While most of you are obviously waiting to download iOS 7.1 for iPhone, we are more interested in seeing how the new software update will perform on iPad. Aside from the rumored Touch ID improvements as a key iOS 7.1 feature on iPhone, we hope that Apple will also take the time to introduce several new visual enhancements on iOS 7.1 which iPad users can enjoy too.

Any changes that Apple do make though will most likely be subtle and not too overwhelming compared to iOS 7 – see the screenshot above for evidence of this.

Are you already looking out for the iOS 7.1 download on iPhone or iPad this week? Let us know when you think the release time will occur.



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