Elder Scrolls Online modding API ruining PVP?

By Matt Tran - Mar 5, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online beta players have accused modders of ruining PVP by taking advantage of an API and macros. This is allowing players the ability to customize their UI and gain an advantage over opponents with built add-on’s. Can this be considered ruining the game though?

Some beta players have so far expressed their concern and dissatisfaction about the modding API that ZeniMax Online made accessible, the modder built add-on’s being used in the game have been controversial so far. According to a report from PCGamesN most popular mod allows you to see another player’s health, stamina and magika in PVP.

The feeling with a proportion of unhappy players is that you should be able to customize the look and feel of your own player’s UI. What is annoying beta participants is that modders are getting extra access to the information of opponents which is being branded as unfair and borderline cheating.


The combination of modding and macros is supposedly breaking the balance of PVP by automatically interrupting targeted players because they trigger abilities. The modding API is accessible to everyone and so in that regard there is a level playing field somewhat, however the issue is players with little or no modding experience being disadvantaged.

Bethesda and ZeniMax will not want this bad news and controversy with the full launch only a month away now. They could very well make some changes between now and launch to ensure that a majority of players are happy with the balance of the game. If you have played the ESO beta then let us know what your impressions on it are and what you think needs to be changed overall if anything.

Have you used ZeniMax’s open modding API to customize your Elder Scrolls Online UI, would you say it is ruining PVP by providing unfair advantages?

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  • huckleday

    One thing I was looking forward to as a longtime ES fan (winter of ’02 on my brother’s and my new Xbox at 13 and 14yo respectively!) was a more-accessible PvP experience in ESO. I liked WoW but I could never participate much much because the mods were beyond my know-how and too much extra work. Not to speak of the boringness of bots and macros. Not to oversimplify the game (I accuse macros of doing this — but in a way inaccessible to us story-and-lore-driven entrants), but the mechanic of the gameplay should snag newbs and veterans alike and reward mastery of the ESO system, rather than of tedious number crunching and external code-grinding.

  • ijimimimimi

    I have used the mod in question. I wanted to use it to get an idea of the damage I was doing. The only advantage I see is knowing when the player is out of stamina or mana. However I read that people can use the API to change the color of a skill slot that has an interrupt ability. Then another 3rd party program could read the pixels and cast it, all without the player doing anything. That’s pretty OP, but they’re also breaking the rules by using that software.

  • Tomboy

    This is a huge issue that is causing lots of people to flock away from the game. In the past few days we have lost 5 guild members who will not be playing ESO and moved to FF.

    People are furious about this. Condoning botting/macroing is one of the easiest ways to get people to avoid your game

  • SteeleButterfly

    I’ve been in the Beta, and I don’t want players having an advantage over others. There will always be players who [don’t know about/don’t want to use/don’t know how to use] the mods and macros, so someone will always have an advantage over them. That’s not acceptable.