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Bro app needs Whatsapp function

Have you become aware of the popularity of Broapp for Android? It appears to be the latest male social app craze of 2014, but it’s also an app that could do with some tweaking to make it even more functional.

Jokes aside, some people out there are really using Broapp as an effective means of automatically texting their loved ones. We hope it’s not for sinister reasons, but the Broapp reviews on the Google Play Store do not lie – almost 50% of total reviews are 5-star ratings from those who are obviously very happy with what Bro app features.

Others are less impressed though and are already calling out for the app to be improved upon. One big request that we have had from users, is for Broapp to include Whatsapp messaging, so that Broapp can automatically send messages to their girlfriend’s Whatsapp account.

Bro what do you think?
Bro what do you think?

While this may appear to be a long shot, we can tell you that the developers have already confirmed that they are looking into this idea for the future. The team at Factorial Products Pty. Ltd had this to say when asked about having a Broapp Whatsapp plugin:

“We’re currently trying to get in contact with WhatsApp to work something out!”

Whether that happens though is another matter, as we all know that Whatsapp has their own workload to sort out now after just being bought out by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook for a cool $19 billion USD.

Can you admit to having tried Broapp to see what all of the fuss is about? Let us know if you would use the app more if it allowed the ability to send messages to Whatsapp instead.



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