Uncharted 4 secrets undiscovered

Naughty Dog really love to tease and we have something very interesting to share with you this week. While we are all waiting to hear Uncharted 4 PS4 news from the developer, it looks like one bomb has been dropped by Naughty Dog who have suggested that Uncharted 4 secrets exist on the internet, but have yet to be found.

Naughty Dog has not revealed much on the game in an official capacity of course, with the real information possibly coming at E3 2014 where we would hope to see a confirmed Uncharted 4 release date.

In the meantime though, it looks like fans have some detective work to do, as Naughty Dog has sneakily revealed on their website that secrets exist.

In a blog post on The Last of Us, Naughty Dog developer Jason Paul said this when replying to some user questions on future content from the team:

“I’m just surprised no one has yet to find some of the secrets we have dropped around the internet…”.

Obviously there is a chance that this could still be related to The Last of Us, but we would be more inclined to believe that this is actually Uncharted 4 secrets that he is eluding to here.

Let the hunt begin we say. Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you have come close to finding anything else out about Uncharted 4.



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