Spritz iPhone app demand after demo

By Alan Ng - Mar 6, 2014

Have you fallen in love with Spritz yet? Spritz may be launching with the Samsung Galaxy S5 very soon, but we can already see that there is huge demand for Spritz to put their reading technology into other areas – namely a Spritz app for iPhone and iPad too.

Today we want to give you an exact idea on how Spritz reading works, as it’s clear that a lot of you are still confused by the whole technology.

It’s actually a brilliant concept and very learnable if you are worried about it being too difficult to ‘Spritz’, compared to traditional reading methods.

Take a look at the included animations that we have provided for you below. This gives you a general idea of how the Spritz technology will work, it is pretty amazing and very clever you have to say.

Starting with the first level of Spritz:

Moving up to advanced level at 350 words per minute:

If you can handle 350 words no problem, how about trying to master Spritz at 500 words per minute? At this pace you can read entire 300-page books in just a couple of hours which is staggering.

How fast can you go?

We have a feeling that this could take off in a massive way over the next few months, and it looks like many of you agree with us. Just have a look at some of the iPhone demand reaction from social media:

At this stage, it appears that Spritz are open for their technology to be implemented inside iPhone and iPad apps – they just need developers to show their interest and step forward for the work to begin.

Let us know your reaction to Spritz, the text-based streaming technology so far and what level of reading you are comfortable with based on our animations above – level 1, level 2 or level 3?

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  • Fi

    I think it’s brilliant. I noticed some words missing too ‘typo’ maybe that’s one way to speed up reading except as I am anal about that stuff it slowed me down because I had to look at it another ten times to double check there was a word missing. I am already a very fast reader but I think this would take the grind out of reading the things I would normally scan to get the gist. One question to the developers: are there any side effects? Just wondered because I was seeing a bit blurry afterwards.

  • Christine Carr

    Hey Spritz dev… I hope you read this, fyi your product is INCREDIBLY beneficial for people with eye muscle coordination problems. I have convergence insufficiency so bad that it’s torture just reading this much to type this message to you because my eyes can’t track together at all. I will be starting vision therapy soon, but your product is the perfect thing to allow me to read and strengthen my eyes’ ability to hold convergence without getting nausea from lateral reading movement. I’d pay a good chunk of money for it, and I’m sure many vision therapy offices would as well. DEVELOP FASTER!!!! and for computers/andoids. xoxo.

    • NgTurbo

      Great comment Christine, I’m sure they are listening!

  • typo

    Did anyone else notice the word “time” is missing from the 500wpm version? “We thank you for taking the _____ to…..”

    • Joe

      On the spritz website, there is a demo, where the above .GIF images were probably recorded. Anyway, on the website the word time is there, perhaps it was not picked up by whichever recording software was used.

  • aac

    It would be beneficial for them to use this techhology in customised reading materials, becuz when i finally get to sit and read a novel i dont need to rush it. Its the text books, tool books, prep materials that am trying to fly through

  • ADB

    I read 5,000 wpm without the app, so it doesn’t do me much good. It’s a pretty cool idea, but I’d appreciate it if they could crank up the speed to a point where it could actually be beneficial to people like me. Is that too much to ask? D:

    • John Smith

      Right….sure you do.

    • Quinn


    • wefwef

      You typed that smiley incorrectly.

    • HumbleScribe

      Aren’t you a Batman villain or something?

    • me

      Sure. Since the world speed reading champ reads 4,700 words a minute.

    • Praya1

      I believe you. But how long did it take you type all that bullsh**t?