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QuizUp Android app live within days

We are now in March and there is still no QuizUp Android app release date in sight. We have spoke about the Android delay many times, but now we are pleased to finally bring you a statement from the developers regarding the Android release.

To bring you up to speed, the app was originally expected in January, only to be put back to the end of February after further fine-tuning was needed.

As you can see, the app didn’t come out in February at all prompting even further questions to the developers on what is taking so long. Finally we have news from the Quizup team though and a confirmation that the QuizUp Android release will happen within days – hopefully by the end of next week.

A statement posted to their Facebook page on March 1 promises that the QuizUp Android download will be available next week, so theoretically no later than March 14.

The team adds that they are now on their ‘last round of intensive in-house testing’ and also bug fixes from the iOS version. As a bonus, we can also tell you that QuizUp on Android will feature some new topics that the developers say will give Android users a ‘fair start’ in relation to the iOS app.

It’s fair to say that the app needs to come out rather soon before users lose patience. Let us know if you are still desperate to see QuizUp on Android, or if the hype has already gone in your opinion.

Can the developers make their own self-imposed deadline this time?



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