GTA V 1.11 update live

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 5, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.11 update has just gone live at 93MB and follows what we knew was some DLC for the online part of this game. It wasn’t clear if this update would release with just a server side patch, but in the last hour the GTA V 1.11 update went live on our PS3 console.

We don’t have the full notes for this update just yet, and if you want to learn more about the cars in the business DLC then you should see our earlier article.

It is worth noting the GTA V 1.11 update is rolling out across the globe, so while the UK and some parts of Europe see it live, some of Product Reviews readers in the United States are not seeing anything just yet.


You can see a couple of screenshots we took in the above and below images, which reveal the size and the download is live in the UK. If the download is live for you as well, then leave a comment below with the country you’re in and whether you are on an Xbox 360 or PS3.


We will post more details about the changes in this update over the next couple of hours, if you’ve spotted the full changelog before us, then feel free to leave details below.

Update: Some people claim you should try and restart your game if you don’t see the GTA V 1.11 update. This has worked for a number of PS3 people playing the game already.

You can now see the top changes with this update in the image below, or take a look at the full change list here.


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  • jay

    us 94mb download ps3

  • niko-bellic

    turned on ps3 downloading update 93mb, im in uk. let uze know what i find

  • glitchking

    important questions. ( at work cannot download yet )

    Are the duplication glitches fixed/patched

    Have NOS cars been patched.

    • Muz


      • maxsolo

        I still got mine 🙂
        hex Editor

    • Here’s a more important question: Is masturbation a sin?

  • ionlynew

    New Cars, new guns, new tattoos, new cloths, not Bad.

    • New Cars, new guns, new tattoos, new cloths, who cares? Where are heists and the bawsaq?

      • heistscomingsoon2016

        Ha, true.. The novelty will last all of what, 20 minutes and we will be back to scratching our heads wondering whether Heists is just a myth..

        Bawsaq is never been introduced, the fact is sounds like ballsack and would enable people to make in game money.. hell NO R* arent having any of that shot.

  • brad2rad

    Updated my ps3. I lost my gusenberg sweeper unfortunately. The new pistol isnt worth buying and the special carbine has worse stats than the advanced rifle so its not great if your a high level. The jester is a good sports car, costing 250,000 max and the turismo is a great super car only costing 500,000.

  • Voltromik

    just updated, xbox 360. Im in california us. It forced me offline, upon sign in i had to update. 67mb.

  • Brian Deadmanwalkin Colby

    no updates on my 360

  • G.T.A.V

    I Got the update but no content any help xbox 360 US.

    • Me

      Wait. Update is live to allow for the compatibility pack for the dangerous business pack which will be released within 12 hours