Dead Nation PS4 release time hype

By Alan Ng - Mar 5, 2014

It is that glorious time of the month again, where Sony will finally offer gamers the PS Plus March Update. As most of you are aware, the free game is Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition. However, it looks like the Dead Nation download isn’t live yet but it has to be just hours away.

Most PS4 owners are expecting the Dead Nation PS4 release time to happen after midnight, but as history tells us sometimes it can take much longer depending on your region.

We can tell you for us at least, Dead Nation has still not appeared on our store in the Asia Region. It is after noon time here so we are expecting it at any minute since Sony usually updates the store after 12pm.

If Sony are going to update the US store at midnight Pacific Time, then we could still have over three hours to go – those on Eastern Time will be waiting even longer if Sony are updating the store based on Pacific Time. If that is the case, then you may want to get some sleep and download the game instead in the morning.

For the hardcore PS4 fans though, we fully expect you to be hitting refresh on your PS4 store in a few hours. Let us know if you are waiting for the download to appear in your area.

On a side note: We hope you downloaded and enjoyed Outlast, as the game is going to expire at any minute.

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  • Forsaken77

    FYI… Eastern time isn’t longer than Pacific time. Eastern is 3hrs AHEAD of Pacific. For example, if it’s 12 noon here in NY (Eastern), it’s 9am across the country in California (Pacific). So midnight Pacific time equals 3am Eastern.

    Being you’re in Asia, you’re forgiven. I have no clue about the time zones there.

  • Billy Hann

    Umm. The PlayStation store has and probably always will update between 2PM and 5PM (sometimes as late as 8PM+) Eastern time. Not Shortly after midnight depending on you’re region. Sure Asia may get it in that time period but something tells me if I check twitch no one will be streaming it.

  • Steven Johnson

    Can’t wait to play Dead Nation again… Let Zombie Mashing commence!!!!