COD Ghosts free on Xbox Live Vs Titanfall hype

We have some great news for those of you on Xbox now, as Activision and Microsoft have decided to offer something of a great treat for this weekend. For this weekend only, you’ll be able to play COD Ghosts multiplayer online for free, no questions asked.

In an interesting move, this will actually mark the first occasion where a free Call of Duty demo has been offered on console. Unsurprisingly, this is Xbox only on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One with no information whatsoever on the same deal taking place for PS3 and PS4 users.

COD Ghosts will be free on Friday March 7 at 1pm Eastern Time and will run through until Monday at the same time, that’s 10am for those on Pacific Time.

The maps that will be offered will be Strikezone, Warhawk and Prison Break, while players will also be able to get a taster of COD Ghosts Extinction as well – a lovely gesture you have to say.

Some players are already questioning the timing of this incentive though. As we all know, Titanfall is launching on March 11. Is this an attempt by Activision to remind everyone that COD Ghosts is still the number one shooter on Xbox One, regardless of the arrival of Titanfall?

Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you intend to take advantage of the free weekend. Do you think the COD Ghosts popularity is starting to slow down with those more interested in Titanfall?



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