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Walking Dead: Season 2, episode 2 trophies surface just in time

Prior to tomorrow’s arrival of A House Divided content from Season 2 of the Walking Dead, episode 2 trophies have appeared ahead of tomorrow’s launch. Fans of the game have been warned that potential spoilers come with news of this and TellTale’s full PS3 trophy list, as 8 achievement trophies have emerged for A House Divided.

We have provided a link for the PlayStation Trophies website here, which includes a list of 16 trophies and those interested in the House Divided video can check out our previous post where we highlighted how this Walking Dead Episode 2 trailer reveals the release date of Tuesday 4th March.

The trailer carries on from where Season One left off, as players’ control Clementine making choices that can drastically change the story progression. According to reports, the content will be available from tomorrow on PlayStation 3, PC and Mac in North America, while European gamers may have to wait until later as the Vita version of Episodes One and Two will release in late March.

Are you looking forward to A House Divided releasing tomorrow?



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