Thief PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics

Thief has just been released on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. The game has already gone on to receive favorable reviews from critics, but it appears that once again fans are more interested about the graphics comparison between the two versions.

As we told you in a previous report, Thief is another game on Xbox One that will not output at full 1080p HD resolution. The PS4 meanwhile does support this resolution, so naturally gamers are interested to see if there really is a big difference due to this discrepancy or not.

Thankfully, we are pleased to see that Thief Xbox One Vs PS4 graphics comparisons are already live on YouTube. We bring you two videos to watch now, including one from the technical specialists over at Digital Foundry which we know a lot of you wait to see with each game release.

When we told you that Thief only runs at 900p on Xbox One, Square-Enix said at the time that you would need ‘really good eyes’ to see the differences between both builds.

Environment shot between the two platforms.
Environment shot between the two platforms.

This has been justified in the gameplay comparisons, as to be honest there is not a great difference between the two, other than the usual contrast effects that we see on Xbox One versions.

We challenge you to pick out some distinct differences between the two and let us know what you think below. In our opinion though, we think you should just go out and enjoy Thief without thinking of the graphical differences and without the idea of ‘which version is better’.

Are you happy with Thief right now, PS4 or Xbox One?



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