GTA V Albany Alpha, Grotti Turismo R price estimate

By Alan Ng - Mar 3, 2014

It is again going to be a busy week for GTA V fanatics. We may not have GTA V Heists just yet, but Rockstar are instead putting their focus into the GTA V Business Update – offering the Albany Alpha, Grotti Turismo R and Dinka Jester cars.

We already spoke in detail about the Dinka Jester in a separate article here, but now it is time to focus on the other two models which a lot of you are getting very excited about.

Some eagle-eyed hardcore fans have already spotted that the upcoming GTA V Grotti Turismo R looks like it is heavily based of the popular Mclaren P1 supercar in real life.

Take a look at the real life counter-part that we have included below, with Rockstar’s version above from the Business update preview – we think Mclaren P1 is a pretty good guess.


How much will both cars cost though? Obviously they are not going to be cheap, so we hope you have saved up your cash and have been grinding for this very moment.

Some fans think that the GTA V Albany Alpha price could be around $200-300,000, while the Mclaren P1 imagining will be the luxury car set, edging towards the 1 million price point at $650-750,000.

Obviously nobody knows for sure yet, but we think it is a good idea to have at least 2 million ready to pick up all three cars at once. The debate is ongoing here, but we want to know your predictions below.

How much do you think you will have to pay for the GTA V Albany Alpha, Grotti Turismo R and Dinka Jester cars?

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  • bob


  • harry

    i love gta v man its the best game ever bro!!!!:)

  • harry

    in gta v the dlc came out and it has go as cars go look if u have gta v5 ^_^

    • bob

      ok harry

  • jack

    you should get it bro!!! it cost for us 10.000.00 million dollars in our county

    • billy


  • jack

    i have this car and this is a good as car if u a can get it would be like fast as its so cool! thats why i like it so much 🙂

  • jack

    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  • jack


  • jack


  • guestguesser


  • guestguesser

    i love it i wish that would be my car

  • guestguesser

    if u do play gta v5 play it its a good game

  • guestguesser

    i want to go to the place that they sold it

  • guestguesser

    oh i never seen it

  • AYman

    I get the turismo and jester for free in my garage but idk where Albany alpha is… ive bought the entity, vacca, cheetah and z- type… ive stolen adders and kept them in safehouse garages.

  • joshusevans

    has the update come out yet

  • GuestGuesser

    I predict the Turismo R will cost $850,000, I predict $450,000 for the Jester and $265,000 for the Alpha.

  • ryan

    Some1 said it was a ferrari I looked it up and it is the mclaren p1

    • JayFlex

      Looks like a combination of a La Ferrari and a P1. Looks more like the Ferrari than anything…

  • i got a few millions in bank so am good! add me Don Ruga Rell xbox

  • Eric

    It could end up overtaking a spot for the fastest cars in game not faster than the adder but maybe the entity in terms of speed and acceleration


      Yo you guys can get the cars right now if you want, go to dashboard then search gta v in the store then go to extras then all the way to the right is the buisness update and u can drive all the cars in only story mode though. The aloha is just like a super diamond but the front of the car is really nice. The jester is small like the vector and has a large spoiler in the back once upgraded and u can see the engine in the back window. And the turismo pretty much looks like the cheetah but way faster. Also the heavy pistol has low fire rate but good damage and ammo capacity. And the special carbine is great but low in accuracy. Idk what the plane is like though.

  • Sulay Ghaseeta

    Actually its not a Maclaren, but its a La Ferrari. The name “Grotti” is the gta 5 version of Ferrari like the Grotti Carbonizzare. Furthermore, in Gta 4 The turismo is also known as a ferrari.

    Search La ferrari on google images

    • Person

      Its mostly a McLaren in my opinion but its still has La Ferrari in it I guess its half and half but definitely not mostly ferrari

    • chunky

      the reason they made it grotti is because they don’t have a car brand that resembles mcLaren, there for they put it in the car company that makes the fast and prestigious cars, other wise known as grotti. just because we cann grotti Ferrari dosen’t mean that all the cars that they make that has that name will be a variant of a Ferrari car.

    • Giancarlos

      I agree with you, it is a Ferrari. If you analyze the Grotti Carbonizzare, it resembles a Ferrari California however you look at it. The only non-ferrari looking car of the Grotti brand in GTA V is the Cheetah, as it looks just like a Pagani Zonda.

    • guzz

      Just because it say grotti doesn’t mean its a Ferrari, It looks exactly like the p1 you need glasses kid. the ferrari is pretty linear from bumper to bumper this car defiantly isn’t the cab barley sticks up.

  • Cloud strife

    Isn’t it going to be for single player?

    • Kai-Ten-

      Both, The cars are added to your garage in single player at no cost, and you have to purchase the cars in online game.

  • I sure am glad that I’ve been cheating GTA Online for huge loads of $GTA ever since R* saw fit to steal my honestly earned money. I can easily buy this worthless crap even though I don’t really want it or need it.

    • bob

      wow you are a douche. I wish you would get banned. 🙂

      • Alan

        He should get banned

        • Dream on. R* only cares about you sheep buying shark cards. As long as there are enough sheep out there, they won’t care about me.

        • jack

          hey sup bro I know you

        • How’s it going, Jack? I hope you are continuing to beat the system and not let the man get you down. Take it easy, bro. I got the clone!

  • PhatBudKiller

    Id say grotti prob be around 800k n the alpha around 200k. Jester prob 150k no higher as its prob a crappy little sedan or hatchback. But still its going to be a little harsh on my garage as all the cars in their ive spent loads on n dont want to get rid. Hows aboot rockstar give us a extra garage


      The jester to me is the coolest
      It has the huge spoiler like the feltzer and is small like the vector and is really nice and you can see the engine in the back window

  • Matt

    Im pretty sure the grotti turismo R is suppose to be a mixture of the laferrari and maybe the p1, grotti is the ferrari brand in gta

    • Sulay Ghaseeta

      Yes its a La ferrari. Also in Gta 4 the turismo is known as a ferrai. The guy who made this article has no knowledge of cars LOL. It looks nothing like a Maclaren p1.

      • mudd

        What it looks just like a p1 from the back wtf