Turn off PS4 controller light bar, says petition

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 2, 2014

If you want to turn off the PS4 controller light bar then most of Product Reviews readers should already know it’s not possible, well not without a firmware update to add custom settings. It is not about the feature being impossible, instead Sony has chosen to leave this ability out and when Shuhei Yoshida was questioned about making a change the answer was no.

When we first got hands-on with the Sony PlayStation 4 console the bright LED lights on both our controllers were welcomed, and the way motion technology has been integrated with the pads helps open up default features for games, but a few months on some people are unhappy about the lack of settings for these lights.

We’ve had no problems with our 65-inch LED TV and found no need to turn off the PS4 controller light bar, but it’s clear that a growing number of gamers hate not having the choice to turn off the blue light or at least turn its brightness lower. One commenter said, “We need a settable dimmer for the controller light, as it is too bright in the dark and this can help with battery life too”. Another added, “I play games directly in front of my glossy HDTV screen, so I see the reflection of the controller on the screen and it’s really annoying. I don’t have the camera, so feel there’s no major need for it in my opinion”.

While we agree with the need for giving people the choice to turn off the PS4 controller light, we should make it clear the LED will use very little power and Sony even confirmed this will not result in much lower battery life.


Petition demands ability to turn off PS4 controller light – we have seen hundreds of comments asking for a PS4 firmware update to bring this ability, don’t expect it in the next update (1.62), and we found a petition asking Sony to make this change. You can see the request on the popular petition website change.org, although we were surprised that it only has 3 supporters considering the amount of fuss in online blogs and within popular forums.

The petition is titled “Light Sensitive PS4 Users”, then with the request for Sony to “give option to turn off light bar on PS4 controller”. The lack of supporters will be due to not many people knowing about this petition, or that most gamers think it’s not worth joining the demand for change.

Would you like the option to turn off the PS4 controller light bar? Did you join the petition asking for Sony to add this ability through a firmware update?

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  • rupz007

    Its brilliant.. why go backwards with innovation! My gaming experience in the dark has significantly improved with the light bar! Ok, maybe Sony could change the default startup colour to a dull dim mode for games not using it or an option in games to turn it down. it should still make a huge difference. I love my PS4 camera too!

  • rg5

    I don’t know about turning it off but when playing a scary
    game with the lights off.. its effin amazing. The light bar turns into a mood
    light reflecting the scare factor to your living room.

  • fred

    who cars about the light being on is cool. never heard anyone complain part from sites editors.

  • Holeybartender

    I love the light bar. I was playing Tomb Raider and was in awe at the torch and the way it flickered in the caves so brightly and I thought, “Wow this is most photo-realistic graphics I’ve ever seen!” Then, I realized the light bar flickering the same as the torch and reflecting on my screen.

    And in the words of a Motel 6 commercial “We’ll keep the light on for you.” Thank you Sony and TR for that little 4d experience.

  • delriego

    26 supporters LOL. I like the light bar a lot.

  • Commander Jim

    Dont get the issue. Though the light it bright to look at, it actually gives off very little luminescence. I can barely use it to shine some light on my watch an inch away to read the time because it doesnt give off enough light. I mean, to have it reflecting off a TV you’d have to be holding it only inches away. I love the light, I can always find the controller in a dark room. And it just looks cool.

  • wickedproxy

    If you don’t have a camera and the light bothers you that much just cover it with some black tape.I mean really it’s not that hard to figure out.

  • FuriousOne

    I don’t get the problem personally. Although saying that if people really do want it to turn off, perhaps then Sony should give us the option.
    I love it when I’m playing FIFA with friends and everyone knows who’s who, with colour corresponding to their on screen colour. 😉

  • Me

    I have a gloss tv and have no problem playing in the dark. Also Sony will never allow you to turn of a special feature and I don’t want them to ever give us the option to turn it off.