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TitanFall vs. COD Ghosts on Xbox One

With the highly anticipated Titanfall release date fast approaching on March 11, inevitable discussion has already begun on Titanfall Vs COD Ghosts on Xbox One and whether the game from the ex-Infinity Ward staff could turn out to be better than the current COD game.

It feels like Titanfall has been in development forever, but it is surely going to be a weight off Respawn’s shoulders once the game is finally out next week. Remember that this is the studio’s very first game after the infamous exit from Infinity Ward, so will the overwhelming hype be justified or not?

We will have to wait a while longer for Titanfall Vs COD Ghosts graphics comparisons as we still have a week to go. However, fans have already started to talk about differences between the two based on the beta footage with specific questions being asked on whether Titanfall is the ‘COD killer or not’.

We have included two videos below for you to watch, with both talking about whether Titanfall has the strength to derail Call of Duty as the ‘most popular online FPS on console’ – Battlefield 4 fans may also have something to say about this debate.

Some Xbox One owners may be disappointed to hear that Titanfall won’t be 1080p at launch, but there’s no denying that it looks great from the beta and many fans appear to be united in saying that it could give COD Ghosts a run for its money.

Have you seen enough from Titanfall to conclude that it is better than Call of Duty Ghosts? Give us your reaction and opinions to this debate below.



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