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Broapp iPhone release date desire

In what has to be one of the most interesting apps that we have seen in a while, it looks social app users have now turned their attention to Broapp for Android.

It’s an app that offers to ‘send text messages’ to your girlfriend on your behalf, in an attempt to make her think that you are thinking about her – when in reality you are busy with other activities.

This bro app has got everyone talking it seems, both for good and bad reasons. However, most of the talk has been about how there is no Broapp for iPhone yet – with the app strictly on Android at the moment.

Bro app knows how to press your buttons
Bro app knows how to press your buttons

It’s also an app that is not free to download. If you want the ‘luxury’ of automatically texting your girlfriend for you, you’ll have to pay $1.99 /£1.49 to do so.

Broapp has been described as the perfect ‘relationship wingman’, but do you honestly see the benefits of this? Surely the Broapp templates will start to get a little too familiar after a while.

Read all about the app here and let us know if you would want to see a Broapp iPhone and iOS release date, or whether you are happy to stay clear of this app.



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