Batman Arkham 2014 game, annual release fears

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2014

It looks like some exciting news may be on the way to Batman fans now, especially those that are looking forward to the Batman Arkham 2014 game. You have been calling out for original series developers Rocksteady to return for the next game, and it looks like you may just get that wish this year.

Rocksteady are considered to be one of the most respected developers in the industry right now. Many fans feel that while Batman Arkham Origins was good, it wasn’t amazing and it was a game that featured bugs that perhaps wouldn’t have been present if Rocksteady had made it.

Anticipation is running high for the Batman 2014 game and it looks like Rocksteady and Warner Bros may be announcing it next week. The image you see above is thought to be a leaked logo of the new game, showing the Arkham logo engulfed in flames.

The origin of the image is said to have come from GameStop, who will officially announce the game fully at some point next week once Warner Bros has given the go ahead.

At this point there is no potential release date leaks though, as fans will obviously hope to see the game this year, rather than have to wait until 2015 to see Rocksteady back in action.

On a side note, we can also see dividing opinion from fans who are starting to hear the news about another Batman game coming so soon after Batman Arkham Origins. Some have been saying that Warner Bros are turning the Batman Arkham series in ‘COD’, by releasing a game every single year.

Is it a good thing that a new Batman appears to be coming every year now, or are you against the idea completely? To be fair, the last game was developed by Warner Bros Montreal, meaning that Rocksteady has had over two years to work on this new game since Arkham City.

Could the series be possibly going down the COD route, where Warner Bros will switch between the two development teams each year to bring out a new Batman Arkham game every single year? Give us your thoughts on this outcome and whether you would support it or not.

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  • Justin b

    My personal opinion, rocksteady makes the games better. Arkham origins was a great game but it was cheap in a way, like it had no where’s near as much in it as Arkham city. It would be cool having two companies making the games but we don’t want them mass produced, like I’d rather just have the games come out every 2-3 maybe even 4 years, at least then there’ll be work put in to them and we have a well worked on game and can enjoy the fact that there was time and effort put in it. I do hope that the next Arkham game is about to be revealed, that would make my life, but then I would just like to enjoy that one for a while. Like my idea would be rocksteady makes this Arkham game, then within the next 2 years maybe warner brothers Montreal makes it while rocksteady makes the big game. Like warner brothers Montreal makes the fillers while rocksteady makes the real big deal.

  • Jacob G

    I think this will work out better than most people are expecting. With two developers with two different takes on the series this will be fine. Since WB Montreal has a more cinematic spin on the series and Rocksteady is just so fantastic at creating an unforgettable Batman game full of fan service, the differences the games devolopers have will make them refreshing enough to play every year.