YouTube PS4 app workaround

Earlier on this month we spoke about the need for Sony to release a native PS4 YouTube app. While we would still like to see this with the upcoming PS4 1.62 update, we have discovered that there is a fairly awesome workaround for those that really want to get YouTube working on the PS4 right now.

We are assuming that Sony knows how important a YouTube app is for PS4 fans, especially considering that Microsoft already offered a YouTube app at launch on the Xbox One. The company has assured fans that work is ongoing on YouTube, but unfortunately we still don’t have any idea of timeframe on when it could be coming.

Fortunately, we can tell you that you don’t need to wait for Sony. Simply head to your PS4 and the built-in browser, then navigate to You’ll instantly notice that the interface is the same as you would be expecting from the PS3 app.

It looks like YouTube has found a way to give platforms the YouTube experience they need within the browser, whilst they work on native apps such as the incoming PS4 app. We can tell you that this works like a dream on the PS4 and is the perfect substitute to a full blown app.

This is a dream feature..
This is a dream feature..

Even better, you can use the excellent YouTube pairing feature to search for YouTube videos on your PS4, by using your smartphone or laptop. It is the perfect companion feature to the PS4 YouTube workaround and you’ll suddenly find yourself addicted once you get comfortable with how it all works.

If a HD video of a clip is available, you’ll also find that the service will automatically play the highest quality video, which is fantastic.

We all want to see a YouTube native PS4 app as soon as possible, but actually you’ll find that this is more than good enough for the time being while we wait.

Have you been using this version of YouTube on your PS4? Give us your thoughts on this below and whether you think this serves as a great substitute or not.



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