Nexus 10 dual-boot dreams with concept

By Alan Ng - Feb 28, 2014

While the whole world waits for Google to finally announce a Nexus 10 2014 tablet release date, we just love stumbling across things like this to keep our minds and sanity at ease. We know that HTC is rumored to be building the new Nexus 10, so now we have an amazing HTC Nexus 10 concept collection of images for you to feast your eyes on.

This is easily the best Nexus 10 concept that we have seen to date and it is all thanks to the team over at Phone Designer. They are calling their latest project the HTC Babel tablet and you can see a collection of their designs through their Facebook page.

It is an incredibly attractive design from the outlook, with the major feature of this concept being the ability to dual boot Google’s Nexus 10 with both Android and Windows 8can you imagine such a possibility in the future?

As you can see from the pictures through the link, the full aluminium design has been inspired from the HTC One and if HTC really are genuinely building the Nexus 10, do you think the design could turn out to be similar than what we are seeing here?

Beautiful design.

Beautiful design.

We love the polish that has gone into this concept, but obviously it is a bit farfetched to expect a dual-boot Windows and Android device from HTC and still call it a Nexus – but we can all dream.

We also notice that there are stylus pens all over many of the images. We think it is time for Google to offer a Nexus stylus pen, so we hope this feature at least turns out to be true – after all, Apple are rumored to be offering a stylus with the next iPad and Samsung already offer consumers this option with the S-Pen for the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Take a look at all of the images and let us know if you love this Nexus 10 design. Would you like to see it on the final version, or do you think an aluminium body all over is too much?

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  • Erran J

    I wouldn’t mind the dual boot of windows that would keep me from carrying my MBP on certain jobs that required a windows machine.

  • Sam Boy

    I opened this page from my phone’s web browser and I got lots of ads trying to install different apps on my system. This was disgusting.

    • Carlos

      Same here. Shitty ads!!

  • Author of this article seem really excited about dual booting with Windows, but I don’t see why anybody would want that. Unless they like rebooting and wasting storage space.

  • JeffD

    Looks nice, but I think they should make it easier to decide for yourself what OS’s you want to dual boot. It might be nice to try out the Ubuntu tablet OS with Android.

    • JojoP

      I agree with JeffD, you should be able to choose for yourself what OS’s you want, or maybe download them from somewhere like the Google Play Store! 🙂