Guild Wars 2 closed beta bracing China next month

By Marlon Votta - Feb 28, 2014

According to reports Guild Wars 2 is making its way to China giving players the chance to check out the closed beta next month. With talk about the games’ sales levelling off the same subscription-less payment model experienced in the West will also be employed in China.

The game’s operation general manager Atlantis Lai believes Guild Wars 2 will have the highest chance to appeal to the Chinese gaming community and stated “we believe Chinese players will also recognize Guild Wars 2 globally renowned quality.”

Players in China will get the opportunity to sign up for the closed beta which commences from the 11th March and the press release discusses the fantasy multiplayer coming to China for the first time.

Gamers will only be required to purchase a copy of the game with no additional cost, so if you are intending to sign up during the China-based beta period we have provided a link here for the KongZhong Corporation webpage.

Do you think a title like Guild Wars 2 will be successful in China?

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