GTA V Heists prolonged by Business Update

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2014

We were hoping that GTA V Heists would finally arrive with the highly anticipated GTA V 1.11 patch, but again we can tell you that Heists is still nowhere to be found. Rockstar has confirmed that an update is coming to GTA Online, but this is going to be the Business Update and not Heists which most players would rather prefer.

GTA V has been improved since the last 1.10 update, which finally brought back the return of popular custom vehicle the Rat Loader. While this pleased many players, it seems that others are still disappointed with the heavily delayed Heists content.

Remember that it was only a few weeks ago when we told you about alleged GTA V Heists gameplay that had leaked early, suggesting that the mode is now in closed beta testing.

This week, Rockstar has confirmed that the GTA V Business update will be going live on March 4, rather than Heists. It will be free to download once again, which is great to see – adding three new sports cars to the game and two new weapons as well.

While we always love to see free DLC for games, there is still no pleasing some GTA V fans, as you can see from some of the reaction from social media. Rockstar are obviously working on Heists at this minute, but what better way to keep gamers busy with yet more free DLC after the Beach Bum pack.

Heists is surely just around the corner though, as Rockstar are still happy to remind gamers with the following teaser that they posted on their website. Then again, most of you have seen similar teases of Heists from Rockstar last year, so hopefully soon really does mean soon at this point.

“And stay tuned for details about our upcoming Business Update Event Weekend as well as more info to be revealed on future updates including Online Heists, the Capture Creator update, new Assassination and Flight School missions for Story Mode and much more…”

How do you feel about the current state of GTA Online? Are you still a happy player and very pleased upon hearing that more free DLC is coming with the Business Update?

Or do you agree with other GTA V players who say that only Heists will make you come back to play this game?

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  • Skadian

    You can’t complain about players glitching and farming those are the only things they can do go keep themselves busy besides playing a different game

  • KrazyFace

    Honestly? I love all the little bits of extra DLC, reminds me of the PSN Home model. What I object to is the fact that thousands of people across the PlayStation and Xbox platforms can’t get their game to even load up. And Rockstar’s retort is that it’s not their fault, it’s a hardware issue! I mean really? Thousands of people with DIFFERENT hardware all suddenly have the exact same problem with their software, yet it’s not a server/connection or update corruption issue?

    At this point I just want them to admit the problem is real and begin working on a fix, I paid £100 for my copy and I’d like to use it please Rockstar. I’d hardly say it’s an unreasonable request.

  • TITO

    What makes me mad are this people that say “bring the mode already” but rockstar hasn’t made anything bad even in gta 4, red dead or LA noir that some left because it was “boring” and yet they want things early but look at bf4, cod ghost and the beginning of gta 5 way too soon and wasn’t anything good, problems everywhere and you cried again that they should have wait on releasing the game and fix everything… so wait a little now so that they can make a good and polished mode that doesn’t have problems and you get mad yet again for content that was released before it’s time…

    • Cole2999

      That’s not why people are mad, it’s because they advertised heists, then didn’t deliver.
      I always explain it like this:
      GTA V is a great game, as is Online. The online, not considering the heists, is perfectly fine, its actually really fun, and appears as a complete game. But the fact that we were promised heists and don’t have them makes GTA online a fraction of a complete game. And while that fraction may be great, a LOT of people were expecting a whole, or at least the other fraction.
      There’s also the fact of there being no way to make a substantial sum of money, and to afford, say, a Buggati (Truffade Adder $1 Mil), one needs to grind missions, convenience store thefts, armored trucks, selling cars, and godforsaken Simeon missions, all of which average to less than $10000 per action. This means it’s overly encouraging spending $20 USD to buy an Adder. This is a lesser complaint, but nonetheless a complaint.
      I love the game, but Rockstar f*cked up on one of the biggest rules of public relations: don’t lie to the public.

      • TITO

        I understand when you say that it should have been in the start but gta online wasn’t stable and was full of glitches which made things worse (I got pissed at the start) but it’s as I noted this is what happens when they try and release games early for everyone… I understand the grinding (I hated that too) but Rooftop Rumble gives 18,750, coveted 18k and base invaders alone in normal gives 31k and rockstar gave missions like that to give money, not too easy that you just get it but a good mission to get them, I understand it gets boring playing all the time missions but the same could be said of shooters, you get tired of shooting? race a little and gta gives us that not a big improvement but it gives more… They made a mistake of saying that it would be in game but then again they made a mistake to listen to the community and release the game before it’s time and probably a lot of the games that tried to compete or listen to everyone to make an early release… This is result of it.

  • lol

    It’s funny that all the people who are apparently ‘so over GTA’ are the one’s writing essays about it in the comments.

  • JC

    Haven’t played it since they capped car sales at $10k, rendering the garage’s of many players virtually worthless regardless of modifications etc. That for me was all the proof I needed that GTA Online is an exercise in micro-transactions, and the amount of Shark Cards they have sold just hammers the point home.

    I am certain that if/when heists are eventually released the payouts will be low, almost certainly less than $100k per player. Rockstar don’t want players having lots of money to spend, unless it’s money they have bought via Shark Cards. I’m just glad I bought every item I could in the game before they took the money.

    • Rob

      U can sell your cars for full price now (the ones over 50k) yes that includes the adder, entity, etc.

  • alexia_00

    R* favoutite quote: “Near future”
    truth be said in the near future they’ll be nobody playing….
    Business pack…yeah…R* is thinking business….keeping noobs busy bying new cars that nobody asked for with shark cards cause if they gave us heists it would be easier to make gta$$$ and no need for us to buy the cards…
    Im happy in some sense that something new is coming but its not what true gta players wanted…i just want what i paid for and was promised to me….4 months after gta online is not near future at all…its a joke….just like another comment someone left: its like buying a sofa but the cushions are coming, in the near future lol what a shame

    • Noob

      There is glitching and farming.

  • Moosch

    I can respect that they have a lot on their plates and all that. It’s great that they’re providing more free content to keep people occupied. I have since gotten a PS4 and GTAV as well as Xbox 360 are just a distant memory for me, but I feel bad for people who’ve been waiting for all of this content that was SUPPOSED to ship with every copy of GTAV, Rockstar is a fantastic game making company, but they really dropped the ball on this one… I understand pushing back the initial release date so that they wouldn’t be releasing an unfinished game, I’m glad they pushed it back because I was easily able to wait the extra season to get the game. Next, they release online 2 weeks late, again I didn’t have a problem with it because it gave me time to play and enjoy the story mode of the game without worrying about playing online with friends, it also gave experienced to give people a feel for the game. Next the servers weren’t big enough when online was released, I was beginning to become annoyed with R* because this was something that they had the funds to fix and so what if they end up having a surplus of servers that aren’t used? With the record sales they could easily pay for them. It is now 5 months after the release of GTAV and things that were supposed to ship with the game still haven’t come, when I buy a game I expect to get the things that are promised inside. It’s not about being ungrateful or anything like that, if I shell out $60 to buy a video game the things that are supposed to be in the game should be there. Its like buying a couch and then the cushions you were supposed to get with the couch don’t come… Very disappointed R*

  • Francis Jairam

    Of course when the Heists come out they are going to keep asking for the PC version and it will come soon, and when it comes out on PC they will keep asking for the PS4 and Xbox One version. Its a lot of work and pressure Rockstar but they are doing everything they can to get all what the fans want.

    • NgTurbo

      Well said, Francis

      • alexia_00

        And you’re a complete moron for thinking francis is correct

        • exinthevatican

          And you are a complete jackass for talking like that.

    • alexia_00

      Are you for real?have you seen the figures of sales gta5 has and how much money they made?more than enough to hire who ever they must to give the players what they paid for and was promised to….im sorry but “near future” isnt good enough

      • Francis Jairam

        Its Rockstar let them do what they want to do

        • alexia_00

          I dont have to…they’re already doing what they want